Douglas Luiz

For me it all comes down to if he can solve our no 8 issues at a pretty high level ? If he can it’s certainly worth thinking about.

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At £60m, Luiz would have been a better investment than Havertz


Why will Villa agree for 60m?

60m isn’t a huge fee. I’d be up for it.

Rice, Partey, Jorginho, Luiz, Odegaard, Havertz, Vieira, El Nenny and ESR is good depth.

We make some of the money back by selling Partey in the summer, selling Patino and losing El Nenny’s wage.

I’m guessing that there is some kind of clause in his new contract.

He was being touted at 25m last summer.

If Aston Villa don’t want to sell, perhaps ESR as part of a deal might tempt them.
There must be a few players that Emery worked with, when he was here, that he’d be interested in.

For Fabrizio to be pushing this he must have good information about it.

Nowhere near Partey level but it’s not a bad match in playstyle tbf if the big man is on his way out. Can do the defensive side of the game but still calm on the ball and can actually pass. Nobody will actually match up to Partey anyway.

Still think we must be able to do better for that price though.


He really ups his game against these twats.


Shame he doesn’t play like this in a 38 game season.

At least he’ll play in 38 games a season! We got a midfielder we rely on who can’t stay fit.

Very true.

Villa are very ambitious, have wealthy owners, and will be fighting for a CL spot and a European trophy for the first time in forever. I just don’t see why they would sell in January, to us or Liverpool, unless there is a secret release clause.


Does anyone think Douglas Luiz will get unsettled?

He didn’t get unsettled when Villa were on a relegation run and were benching him to force to renew his deal, and then we came in trying to sign him.

Sounds like great pro to me. I think the chances of him forcing a move in January are incredibly slim. He may consider his choices next summer but I doubt he’ll cause a scene to get out of there.