Douglas Luiz

Particularly Douglas Luiz of Aston Villa is admired. Arteta knows Luiz well, having monitored his progress on loan at Girona during their time at Manchester City.

Time for this man to get his thread.

3 years of experience in the PL with Villa, former Man City player that Arteta knows.
Still only 23 and a Brazilian international.
Contract expiring in 2023.

I’d be very down with this tbh, bit of a silent hero in that Villa midfield. Would also love Ramsey kid has the makings of a legend

Villa wont sell any of their key players.

Grealish only went because of his CL team release clause

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I’d give anything to have another club legend named Ramsey :heart_eyes:


They’re gonna lose him anyway, he ain’t signing a new contract.

Big fan of Luiz. Would love this.

Hate the timescale left for these deals. Too many things can go wrong one way or another.

No way we get him mid-season

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I’d really like this move but it feels like it will be difficult unless they’re really buying Bentancur.

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What’s a reasonable sum to part with in peoples eyes?

£25m in the summer, he is not signing a new deal next year so it’s either that or letting him go for free…


Aston Villa are on the up, with a new manager and have already made some decent signings.
We have left it far too late for them to replace one of their better players, so why would they sell him?

As usual we leave everything too late and we’re not going to get any replacement for Aubameyang so the best we can do is a CM but if we’re not getting Luiz, just get Wijnaldum until the end of the season rather than spending more on a panic buy.

Take your time lads

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Who made the fucking bid then?

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Loord :eggplant: :heart_eyes:

Must be Newcastle

So, I’ve just learned who his agent is.
We can’t get away from him, we really can’t…


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