Douglas Luiz


“Luiz is set to part ways with Carlos Leite and hire Giuliano Bertolucci and Kia Joorabchian as his new representatives."


Luiz has never jumped out as me as a player I’d like.

Would rather Nevez.


He comes off as a bit better than Xhaka.

So, Spurs are trying to get him…

I swear to god…


He’s fucking shit. Hope we don’t get him.


I feel the same.

As much as I want and think we need someone prompt, I think going balls deep in this could be as silly as taking no action.


Looks distinctly average to me.

Would obviously be funny if we swooped in and nabbed him to compound their pain but there’s better options out there.

Would rather us risk the rest of the season with what we have than get this shitter. We’ll get someone better in the summer.

Would be happy with this. Think it’s the kind of tidy signing our midfield needs. Would work well in our team and is a reliable player

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Happy out of all these potential signings in summer for him to be one of them then.
Now though we have other matters for this window more pressing.

His name has been fading away a bit recently in regards to a move here.
I can see Arteta leaning towards Tielemans and Neves due to their experience. Whoever comes will most likely take the place of Xhaka, and one of the key attributes of Xhaka is his leadership and tactical connection with Arteta.
Arteta will want a player that has good understanding and can transmit his ideas to the rest of the team.

You just want his missus to accompany him :wink:

Anyway, the man’s shit. Even the Villa fans think he’s shit and they’ve seen Bosko Balaban

He’s quite hot, so I wouldn’t be against it :sunglasses:

Aren’t they conflicted on him? Half think he isn’t all that and the other half think he’ll end up at a top club and they’ll look foolish.

So you would pick Douglas Luiz over Ruben Neves? :eyes:

@Flexo @Darkseid Do not think I didn’t notice you nitpicking his performance yesterday. :grin:

Get this guy in to be Partey’s cover. :sob:

He’s still shit.

For anyone who hasnt seen it, 20 seconds of that 1 min 40 secs video is just repeats of his goal

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