Dominik Szoboszlai

What were you trying to say there lol

I googled translated madness into Arabic? :joy:


Awar AND Szobzislzslazsz?!

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This deal is an absolute no brainer. When you look at his age and price even if he doesn’t turn out to be a world beater you can still easily make money on him just looking at his price and age. But there seems to be some serious talent in him.
This would be a vintage Wenger deal.


Why would we want this guy when we could get Eriksen?


I reaaaaaaaalllly hope that is sarcasm, because if it isnt i just dont know what to say.

Our only hope is nobody comes in but we have very little on the pitch to convince him on football wise.
Anyone half decent in and you can forget it.

We can offer him decent wages tbf. Players do like that.

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Saw he’s on like £10k p/w

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Cos Eriksen is shit bro :joy:

I thought the same. But somehow Dortmund does seem to attract all these youngsters (Bellingham, Haaland, Sancho) there shouldn’t be a reason why Arsenal couldn’t…

I imagine the conversation went something like…

Agent: Arsenal wanna sign u

Szbo: ewww

Agent: they are gonna offer u 100k a week

Szbo: okay I’ll sign then.


Deal falls through when the agent proposes a ‘Can’t play Dominik as a wing back’ clause during contract negotiations.

Or when we tell him we need to send him out on loan to the Championship for a “transition year”

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