Dominik Szoboszlai

Have to say I really like this guy. Every time I see highlights he’s always scoring absolute bangers.

Can’t see us ever getting him but he would be a great buy from the bits I’ve seen


I think many fans will struggle with pronunciation of his name. I’d prefer if we signed someone a little more easy on the tongue.


Hungarian baller

Mark Noble and Lee Cattermole please

I want a proper Brexit midfield not all this Ceballos and Elneny nonsense


Yeah let’s keep the club British. All these foreigners JFC.

Has a 21m release clause too. Really should be a no brainer.


But if he has any creative impulses Arteta will bench him in favor of hard runners and rule followers. Maybe best to not waste the money.


Gotta have those hard-men with mental strengths, none of these prancy dancers like Santi!

FFS makes me cry even thinking about Santi and Cesc these days…

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Don’t know why people always go on about us being a team of runners.
We are anything but a team built on athleticism. We have little creativity but lets not make out we run and chase everything.
We are a pedestrian team with a very limited game plan.
A team of runners does not select Granit Xhaka.


Would prefer this guy to Aouar if I’m honest.


so funny that seems like the club 4 out of 10 top Arsenal legends are non-British.

Thought there were more tbh.

Don’t think that was up to date.
Giroud scored 100 goals for the club, so he should be there.

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That list is bullshit. Kim Kallstrom nowhere in sight.

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How about big forehead, no Sanogo no party, taxi shagger Lord Bendtner etc???

Oh… we are talking about another legend list…

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Can I get a here we go! :fire:


Looks handy but this has all the makings of an “internal” transfer to RB Leipzig. The article even says he’s expected to stay in a German speaking league.

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BFG can make him feel right at home

21m release clause as long as Arteta comes along and convinces him of the project this should be an easy one.