Doctor Who


Peter last episode was his best one which is a shame. He could have been a good doctor if he had been in better written stories.

Love the 1st doctor and footage from the episode and glad they didn’t try to reshot the doctors first regenerate.

Has for Jodie’s first appreance it’s far two repeative since it seems to be the same as Matt and peters first scenes


Sack the haters i Carnt wait to watch Jodie :heart_eyes: as the doctor


I can’t see her as anything other than that bitch in the Black Mirror episode The Entire History of You


I just see her as the bitch in the smoke


I’m a hater. Not that I watch Doctor Who anymore so I totally don’t care, but as a classic who fan, I fail to see the point in changing a characters sex just to be PC. Alright maybe a timelord could regenerate as a women, but you do that, next the doctor will need to do the racial circuit, and before long there is no continuity with the character.

Likewise Bond should stay white. Why have a black man represent white hegemony which is what Bond is, and white is how the character is written.

I don’t mind allowing black actors etc. taking roles in historical pieces, because it’s nice to include diversity into the depiction of our history (perhaps not in lead roles as that can be confusing), but in fiction if we want women or other races in big roles, just write better new TV.


What’s your basis for thinking that?


They ruined star wars the same way.

Made luke skywalker a woman, han solo black and darth vader someone with a big nose in the recent films. The Farce Awakens


It’s a BBC production


That’s a bit of a shit rationale tbh.


Still don’t think there’s a better Black Mirror episode than that tbh

Are they bringing it back? I’ve heard they’re thinking of doing spin offs to (overrated) episodes like USS Callister but not the Black Mirror anthology per se


Really? The BBC is one of the most progressive organisations in the world when it comes to programming.

They’re known to actively push diversity at all sectors of their operations.


The accusation is they changed one of the longest living tv characters from a man to a woman “just to be PC”.

I feel like the BBC are probably a little bit more attached to the character than to make such a dramatic change just to be diverse. Sounds like bullshit to me.




Sorry, wrong thread


It’s been over fifty years, even the revived series is into its eleventh season. It’s time for something different, and the Doctor being a woman means new dynamics. I must confess to not being too fussed about the politics of it, either way. As a fan of the show though, I think its a good move. What’s the point of a main character that can COMPLETELY change if that character remains the same in fundamental ways?

Whatever your views on the PC argument (and for the record, I think it’s a good change on that front too), the show needs this.


The fact that a woman current occupies the role would suggest otherwise.

I’m not a massive Dr Who fan but has it ever been suggested that that the Dr could be played by a female? If it was a logical or even plausible progression I’d have zero complaints but it’s not.

I think it’s fair to assume a talented female actor was picked for this role partly in the interest of actively promoting diversity and representation - which I haven’t got an issue with as i’m not a big fan of Dr Who other than the Tennant era.

But your response is more than fair imo


Yeah it’s absolutely established in the show that it’s something that can happen. It already has happened with the character of The Master, and Michelle Gomes absolutely killed it in that role and ironically fans got over the hate and got on board with her really quickly.


It’s a science fiction show about a time travelling alien who can be reborn. It’s a small leap that one incarnation could be a woman. At least one of his previous assistants has effectively been an incarnation of the character already anyway (Dr Donna).

My issue is the phase it was done just to be PC. You pretty much agree with me from your, also fair, response. :slight_smile:


Loved it. She’s excellent!


I didn’t really think she was, I thought she was a bit wooden. Bit worried about expressing that view in case I’m immediately branded a sexist :joy:

However, it takes time for any Doctor to settle into the role and find their stride so I’m definitely willing to give it time. I also really enjoyed the episode more generally, I like the feel of the new series and the new characters are interesting. Will definitely tune in next week.