Doctor Who

They’re bringing John Simm back as The Master (Missy will also be there) this series.

John Simm is a decent actor who had some cringeworthy shit to deal with under RTD. The entire human race being turned into blue-eyed blonde white guys and naming it “The Master Race” for one example. :joy:

I’m still done with this, but it’s good that he’ll get a chance under someone else.

So? :thinking:


I would call you a Nazi or “literally Hitler” for that…but this video popped up in my “recommended for you” on Youtube today and it says I shouldn’t. :smirk:

I’m really not a fan of DW’s policy over the last year of distributing spoilers like confetti.

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Yeah, that was one of my dislikes as well. I used to think how cool it would be to have a surprise regeneration when the actor wanted to leave but they’d never be able to keep such a thing under wraps.

Shouldn’t have made this thread…Now I’m in a hole watching DW clips.

Biggest WTF ever for this ending of episode 2…That was a good series with a meh finale.

[quote=“Persona, post:6, topic:1376”]
Shouldn’t have made this thread…Now I’m in a hole watching DW clips.
[/quote]Won’t be long until you request your proper username again :henry2:

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The first multi master episode of Dr who. Would be great to see john simm master regenerate into missy.

Not enjoyed doctor who since capladi joined it but think it’s more down to episode and not his portrail off the doctor that’s made me enjoy doctor who less.

Looking forward to doctor who in 2018 more new show runner and a new doctor.

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Never gonna happen, mate! One day someone will sign up as The Doctor and this will all end. :wink:

This programme really sucks.


Best Dr Who are the old school episodes with Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee imo. Never been able to get into the remakes, I find the episodes are so underwhelming for the most part.

I’m not one of these who thinks stuff is cool because it’s retro and I’m in no way old enough to remember old Doctor Who but I accidentally flicked onto a Tom Baker special from the 70s last year and finally got the hype. The acting and effects were pretty poor but he was magnificent and charming. Watching the newer ones after that it’s like they’re all a parody of that character (apart from Ecclestone actually who seemed to go his own way a bit more but nobody seems to like him now).

If you watch the good ones and skip the filler (which is about 70% of them) the first 5 or 6 series of the new ones can be decent.

If you watch some of the old(er) ones, it’s simple stuff but effective. More engaging. Jon Pertwee and companion in a quarry running away from giant mutant worms, a mix of early blue screen and a guy in a rubber suit.

The plots of the new ones seem so convoluted to me, also character-driven instead of plot-driven. Apart from the obvious changes in technology over the years, it’s like watching two different shows entirely. I guess bigger budgets don’t always produce better television.

Just my view anyway, don’t want to annoy any hardcore Whovians!

Probably leaving cos it’s shit.

Lol @ “Don’t mention the war” then the first question he gets from a German journo. :joy:

EDIT: Tin foil hat, Miranda looks to be listening intently, I wonder if they’d make the mistake of making her the next one? :thinking:

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Fucking hell, have a look at Facebook and twitter, there are some seriously butthurt nerds out there, they honestly might blow up the internet :joy:

The thing is, the show is fifty years old, even the new version is in its tenth series. Is it not time to shake it up a bit? I don’t really know much about her but they’ve never cast a bad doctor in the new series yet. I’m sure she’ll take some getting used to like they all do but I’m sure she’ll be great.


I don’t watch Doctor Who enough to be fussed either way, but…it’s a male character, I don’t see why it can’t be left as such. Oh well, another box ticked for equality and all that :laughing: Looking forward to the male Catwoman next


Meh. The whole argument was pathetic. The Doctor is female now. Cool beans.

However, if a female James Bond happens, I’mma riot. :sanchez2:

The comments on Twitter are brutal. People really need to get a hold of themselves.*

I loved Jodi Whitaker in Attack the Block and a (lesser known series called) The Smoke. Hopefully she does a good job.

*I realize that I spend a lot of my time ranting on a football forum so I can’t really throw stones but I’d like to believe there’s a difference between complaining about the Board and being a total sexist idiot on Twitter.

There’s been so many times around these last few announcements that people go “ooh maybe they’ll be bold and make it a woman” that making it a woman really doesn’t feel so bold anymore.