Doctor Who


They need to bold and be on the right side of history for the next Doctor by making it (can’t say him anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: ) ginger.


Love Jodie Whittaker so looking forward to her taking over the tardis. Hopefully her and Chibnel will make doctor who great again.

Not like Jodie the first female actress to play the doctor cough Joanna lumley cough


It isn’t a male character, it’s a character that has always been portrayed by a male, there’s a significant difference.

The character is an alien who regenerates into a different human form every now and then. There is absolutely nothing that dictates the character has to be a man (or white for that matter… lol), it just so happens that it’s always been men who portray the character.

The comparison to Catwoman doesn’t work at all.

I actually can’t stand the show but it has been hilarious to see how triggered certain people have been by this decision :joy:


Not sure I agree at all Jakey really, you’d have to ask the creator of Doctor Who what he thought about that, if he envisaged it could be portrayed by a female then I wouldn’t have a problem with it at all.

Maybe it’s always been portrayed by a male just because…rabid sexism aside!!! was always just seen as a guy

‘Moving with the times’, seen as a byword for progress all the time, modern liberal enlightenment :laughing: Sometimes just leave something alone as it was intended to be, maybe that’s too much to ask nowadays


Why not? I’d like to see a male Catwoman please. Any reason/objection as to why Catwoman couldn’t become gender fluid? :roll_eyes:


Mr Marple. Mark Poppins. Harriet Potter. Macbeth and Lord Macbeth. Hamlette. Jane Bond. I like this newfangled age. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not big on Doctor Who, so was interested to find out. I think it’s clear he was written as a male character. From the character wiki:-1:

"The character of the Doctor was created by BBC Head of Drama, Sydney Newman.[16] The first format document for the programme that was to become Doctor Who – then provisionally titled The Troubleshooters – was written in March 1963 by C. E. Webber, a staff writer who had been brought in to help develop the project. Webber’s document contained a main character described as “The maturer man, 35–40, with some ‘character twist.’ " Newman was not keen on this idea and – along with several other changes to Webber’s initial format – created an alternative lead character named Dr Who, a crotchety older man piloting a stolen time machine, on the run from his own far future world.”


The Doctor was a male character for 50 years (no one had a problem with that) until Moffat decided to change the rules by making The Master change genders and become Missy. From then on the character was destined to be changed to a female one.

Which again, I have no problem with really. At first I thought the Master > Missy was a silly idea. But Michelle Gomez changed my mind by being awesome.


But when that idea was written regeneration wasn’t I thing until hartnell couldn’t perform no more in the role and since the first regeneration over the past 50+years new ideas and backstory have changed the Doctor from Newmans idea to a alien who can regenerate into what ever it wants to.


Add in that they rewrote the rules again by extending how many times The Doctor could regenerate and we’re even further removed from not just the original idea but even the idea behind regeneration. It would honestly be ridiculous if The Doctor wasn’t a female at some point.


Exactly. And whether people like it or not it is canon that characters in this show can regenerate into a different gender. The main character has been regenerating for the past fifty years or whatever, and it isn’t merely a way of explaining cosmetic change, each regeneration precipitates clear changes in behaviour and personality. There’s absolutely no reason why the character couldn’t regenerate as a woman, nothing about what Doctor Who foes hinges on gender.

The entire nature of the show and character is so unlike Catwoman that it doesn’t work as a comparison in the slightest.

I’m not even going to carry on speaking about a show I neither like nor care about in the slightest, it’s not worth either of our time arguing really lol. Sorry if I got your back up Robin, was a bit pointlessly confrontational about it


It sounds like its changed so much that its the same show in name only to ‘original’ doctor who


This doesn’t answer my question, but as you like :+1: Good luck to the actress anyway, she’s great in Broadchurch.


Yep. You’re not wrong there. The direction the show goes in is decided by the executive producer at the time. There are no real rules throughout it’s entire run except Timelord and TARDIS.

For instance, the 14th series (in 1976) was where the 13 regeneration limit became part of the show. Despite (if Wiki is correct) it only being mentioned that one time between 1976 until it was mentioned once again in the 96 movie.


Catwoman can become gender fluid for all I care, it’s just not comparable to Doctor who because her universe and the nature of her character’s existence within it doesn’t really allow for her gender to change in the same way that the Doctor’s does. Within his universe there is a mechanism by which the character changes appearance and identity completely whilst remaining consistent with everything that came before.


not really bothered if the doctor is male or female tbh, as long as he/she plays the doctor well and makes it their own then that’s all that matters, I’m looking forward to the Christmas special and the new series after that


The BBC is a inherently leftwing organization, that has always been reflected in their programming. Might aswell have a female doctor at some point, mix things us etc

Sue Perkins would suit the role well.


I love Brad, but this is just… Weird.


I think he’ll be good. He’s certainly a doctor who level actor. My mum loved him in coronation street.

Only problem I have is the clichéd female doctor needs male assistant.


I love Bradley, looking forward to this