Doctor Who


Better writing? I mean if changing a gender is the best way to fix a show then the show probably just needs cancelling. I’m not particularly complaining here as I quit the show a few years back when I concluded that new who was basically Buffy the vampire slayer in space.

@shamrockgooner - by PC I guess I meant equal opportunities. Just like the casting of Richard of York in the Shakespeare series a few years ago as black. I’m fine with it when its an adaption or a rebrand etc. as they equate to different versions, but not when its a long standing franchise.


Agree with Leper, thought her acting was abysmal…Poor throughout I thought…what a waste of Bradley Walsh as well…sad!


Each doctor is most definitely a rebrand though. They get a new costume, they get a new screwdriver, they get a new TARDIS interior, they mostly get new companions and in this case they got a new gender.

It’s really not a big deal and I don’t think it was done for equal opportunities, I think it was done to explore a different side of the Doctor, the same reason they brought in Capaldi after nearly a decade of younger Doctors.

It’s actually nonsensical to me to be wedded to a character who can change being a particular gender.


What kind of different side do you mean that would require a female? Hopefully nothing gimmicky, like the Doctor being moody cos she’s on her period haha. Colin Baker was dark, Tom Baker humorous, Davidson more thoughtful. Do we need a women to explore personality? I guess you’re right that they are all a rebrand though. The next doctor will defo need to be female or of a different race now though, if they change back to a man it will look well sexist.


Not to be flippant but I really haven’t got a clue, but hopefully the writers and others do. :slight_smile:


Haha. Anyway good luck to her. Hope she’s good.


I was gutted over this.

Shes quite a hottie and been a fan for 35 years of the Doc. Thought it was shit though if im honest. Thought she was shit as was the script again. Same problem as last 3-4 seasons. The writing just sucks.

She could definitely still pull it out the bag though. Hell look at TNG and Patricks first outing as Picard.

Dont think a timelord would fail to spot boobs either…

We shall see but for the while bit above the doctor would not be the first timelord to change sex during regeneration so cool with me…


Fucking bellends :joy:

while even the token white middle-aged male, Graham (Bradley Walsh), is a cancer survivor.