Diego Simeone


In what way are we better than Atletico?
We have better players, more money and, for some people on here, a better manager, but they seem to be winning or being closer to winning the CL, in recent seasons.

We used to play attractive football and were positive, but we have have only got two world class players in this team, where before we had a whole team full of players with a winning mentality.

I think it is a myth that Atletico play an unattractive style.
It might not be Barcelona style but, with fairly limited resources, they are ok to watch, especially when they are winning the big trophies.

I’ve watched us plenty of times in the l;last few seasons, where all we do is pass the ball around endlessly with no end result, and that is neither positive or entertaining.


Yes I have, and they’re boring. They’re just like Stoke


Never said we as a team are better, Atletico are slightly better with their strategic style but I wouldn’t swap a positive attacking team for a slighty better defensive team.


What @GunnerGirl is saying is that Atletico play the sort of anti-football that isn’t too appealing to watch. Where as we opt for a more open game.


The definition of slightly in your world must be different to the definition of slightly in my world.


It’s actually a fallacy that Simeone plays ugly football. His game is adapted based on opposition (something Wenger rarely does these days) and most people will have watched them play against the big teams so can only assess their quality based on those games.

And the assertion that they play like Stoke is nonsense. They have some fantastic technical players and are playing in a league renowned for its technical ability. They’re not long ball merchants with average players across the board.

Good team. Great manager.


This season so far, in terms of the league, Arsenal and Atletico both sit in 4th place, they’ve both played 13 games and both have scored 28 goals. Not so different afterall…


Yeah I also said basically this earlier in the thread, they play horses for courses type football pending on the opponents.


Apologies you are correct! I will go and do some research before posting on the topic again :slight_smile:


Not “ultra defensive” (they never were that) but why expect him to suddenly play in a different style? He’s already got better players at Atlético. You’re expecting too much if you think he’d become the new Klopp at Arsenal.

Why would you even want him to change his style?


We will just ignore their recent champions league finals and title win shall we.
Far from similar in recent seasons.


I was actually attempting to stick up for them - in reference to them being called boring compared to us. My point was if they’re boring then so are we. I’m pro Atletico and Simeone, and would take him in a heartbeat.


Ok fair play my mistake.


I don’t want him to change his style, however, some would think the way Atletico play is the only way he knows how.

When in reality he used to play much more attacking teams earlier on in his managerial career, he came to Atletico and adapted to what his surroundings and what was at his disposal so there’s little reason to believe he’d come here and play in the exact same way.

I’m not expecting too much at all, he would get the whole team organised back to front, implement a cohesive defensive shape whether it be pushing up, dropping off or pressing and he would also be far more proactive. I can easily see him having a similar effect to what Klopp has had at Liverpool.


There is no denying that a manager who goes toe to toe with any big club out there and reach two CL finals is a quality manager.

Apart from stupid spending on Jackson Martinez, they have been very responsible spending wise as well.


Who gives a crap how we play . This club needs to be winning the big trophies .
We are stale and underachieving .
This club needs a change at the helm and quickly .


So does getting Diego Simeone mean it makes us more competitive, will we things, will make out competitors shitter?

Btw since he won la liga he has gone back to just challenging like we do in the league on that basis will it not be a like for like change? In terms of CL Athletic are very defensive and are difficult to beat.

Fantasy football only works in FM.


Don’t forget his two champions league final appearances in three seasons. That’s one more than our illustrious manager has managed in his entire career.

And it’s not all that bad that they’re merely “challenging” for the league given their opposition consists of perhaps the two most famous clubs on the earth who’s wealth and squad quality is near unrivalled.

On that note though I wouldn’t want Simeone. The best way to get through the post-Wenger transitional period is evolution rather than revolution. Bring someone in with a modern take on Wenger’s philosophy rather than someone who will change the entire mindstate of the club.


I don’t like talking about Post Wenger life. Depresses me.
But if it were to happen, the way you described it should be our approach.


How many points did Atletico get last season in La Liga ? and when was the last time we obtained such an amount ?