Diego Simeone


Come end of the season we need to give damn near everything to nab this guy.

I have little doubt that he would vastly improve the performance, mentality and identity of the football team.


  • Can he improve players? Hell yeah ask the likes of Griezmann, Godin, Juanfran, Koke and Carrasco.

  • Is he tactically astute and organised? Shout out to their defensive record in the CL and the league, at one point last season Oblak had more clean sheets than goals conceded (41 clean sheets and 39 goals conceded) in his Atletico career…ridiculous.

  • Can he inspire a team? 2 CL finals in three years and breaking the duopoly of Real and Barca in La Liga speaks volumes.

  • Is he proactive? If something is not working on the pitch and isn’t getting any better he looks to remedy it swiftly, making tactical substitutions at half time are common place or before the 60th minute. He doesn’t just impassively sit on his hands until deep into 70 plus.

  • Does he make his team work hard? No one is exempt from working hard and his team actually know what a press is! Collective pressing isn’t like seeing a unicorn at Atletico. Griezmann was initially benched early on in his career because he thought he was the star and didn’t have to do it and now he’s a better player for it.

  1. Is he cut throat? He won’t hang about when it comes to players not performing, he got rid of Jackson Martinez quickly as he wasn’t cutting it. The likes of Chamberlain and Ramsey would be sent packing with no hesitation.


This guy managing us would be the fucking dream. But we will have some fans that wouldn’t want this guy which I don’t know wether to find laughable or just feel sorry for them because they have no clue.


Unfortunately, he is sure to stay at Atleti one more year.


I could actually live with one more season of Wenger if we had a deal to get this man at us for the 2018/2019 season.




Think he’s essentially a shoe in to be Inter’s next manager if you ask me. That’s why they’re only giving Pioli a short deal that coincidentally ends when’s Simeone’s new deal expires. Plus he’s expressed interest in returning to Italy many times.


Yeah sadly I agree. We will end up with someone very underwhelming like Eddie Howe I reckon.


Gary Monk can do a job.


Well, Bournemouth play well and are organized. What’s wrong with Howe?


When you compare him to the likes of Conte, Klopp & Pep you don’t see the difference ?


Of course, but outside them, he is one of the best, imo.


Hmm I think I would take him if he brings Griezmann with him. His football style is really dire though.


Atletico actually aren’t that dire apart from the really big games vs Bayern, Real and Barca its a bit of a myth that are dire most of the time. I’d love to have manager that teaches a team how to defend properly also not the same defiances we see season after season.


Good manager but overrated. I watch football for entertainment and Atletico barely provide that, I’d only take him if he brings Griezmann with him.


What I think is overrated is that Arsenal play entertaining football these days, if we are being honest 70% of time we are pretty ordinary on the eye.


We play positive though, so that’s better than Atletico.


On what planet is Simeone overrated and Chamberlain underrated?

Simeone isn’t going to come here and play 4-4-2 or be ultra defensive. He works with what he has at his disposal, this season As Atletico are playing more attacking and yet they aren’t doing as well in the league ad they have previously.


I have no opinion on Atleticos style of play because I dont watch them. How often do/have you watched them to come to the conclusion that Arsenal play better football than they do?


They compete and challenge for big trophies realistically. We dont.


Bournemouth play positive also so I guess they too are also better than Atletico :astonished:. As i said previously Atletico don’t play negative they play horses for courses tactical astute football pending the opposition.