Diego Simeone

So apparently he’s going to leave Atletico when his current deal ends at the end of the 2017/2018 season. We Simply must throw the kitchen sink at this guy in attempt to lure him as our next manager, his record at Atletico is just outstanding.

I would absolutely love him to be the next manager of Arsenal.

How is that going to work if Wenger signs another 3 year deal?


Well we all know Wenger doesn’t break his contracts, or he didn’t that one time it actually came up anyway.

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In 18/19 Man U will be looking for a replacement for Carlo Ancellotti and Chelsea will be looking for a replacement for Rafa Benitez again so we might have a battle for Diego on our hands.

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Not that i dislike him, but i’d prefer Sarri and Tuchel.

We should be going all out to get Simeone imo


Don’t think he will ever manage us, but I have been banging on about him for well over a year now. IMO he would be perfect manager for us post-AW, maybe not long-term, but for 3-5 years.

3-5 years is long term.

Yeah true… in today’s manager musical chairs market.

If we do get Simeone at the end of the season, it will be just after Mourinho has been sacked, which is a shame.
The special one really wouldn’t be that special, with the likes of Guardiola, Simeone, Conte and Klopp in the same league.

But, as we all know, this isn’t going to happen.
Wenger will sign a new contract.

We’ll see how it all plays out. I remember some saying that Klopp would never leave BVB or break his contract there but it still happened. If Wenger is done this year Simeone could leave early if the offer is right. I don’t think our club is smart enough to pursue him but it would make a lot of sense.


Simeone would compete with Guardiola by being the Mourinho (Simeone= updated, far better version of Mourinho, as I’ve always said) to his Guardiola. If we want to compete with Pep, in a pro-football way consistent with what we’ve become used to, we need a Tuchel. Simeone will end up at Chelsea or United.


Why do I get the feeling Wenger would never let this happen?

Nah. He seems like a too loyal guy for that. Especially since they are going to play in a new stadium.

I wouldn’t mind Wenger for one more year, if we got Simeone after that :yum:.

It’s not fair for the club though. If he comes out and says I will be moving on after my contract if you are running Athletico do you just sit idly by and wait for him to leave? I imgine the manager search will begin immediately. If they find someone they want and they have to move I wouldn’t be surprised one bit for them to cut his reign short. The other issue you’ve got is the players commitment to the manager once they know he’s gone no matter what.

I know after what we witnessed with Pellegrini that seems like sound logic but I think Simeone would be stronger willed than he was and still be able to command strong performances from his players.


100% agree and also think his level of Mou-ness is highly exaggerated. He is managing a team with 100’s of millions less - not 10’s of millions AND he has commanded the utmost respect and loyalty from several of the most promising attacking players in the world, including our latest French dreamboat, Antoine.

He plays pragmatic, for sure, but people talk about these things so black and white - I have watched them enough and found them entertaining on numerous occasions… and their energy is amazing.

I would be happy for Wenger to get a 1 year extension if it meant that Simeone was coming after his contract at Atletico runs out.