Diego Simeone


Over the years all the evidence has pretty much confirmed that Wenger solely dictates any sort of policy regarding playing staff. I seriously doubt anybody else at the club can check that control he has, he’d resign on principle if control over matters such as contracts, transfers and outgoings was ever comprised.

Alot of the club’s current policy is a reflection of Wenger’s own personal ideals. Lets look at the his “socialist” wage structure, which is largely motivated by his humanist ideals in practice in football. That isn’t an Arsenal policy at all, it a driven only by Wenger but he’s allowed to do it because of his job security and his position over football matter at the club.

The next guy after Wenger is hardly going to get a message from the board instructing him to continue maintaining Wenger’s ideals in practice or else. It depends on how we bring in but if we go for someone like Eddie Howe I suspect he’ll delegate alot of that responsibility away but if we get a manager with an actual personality and experience they’d want full control over players matters too.

The dynamic of managing Arsenal will change on so many levels after Wenger leaves, I think people underestimate how drastic the change will be.


I bet Simeone is taking English classes in his spare time.


I agree.
Although I don’t think even our tight fisted board would pick Bould as our next manager, but I do think it won’t be an elite one, especially one that will want to rebuild the team and spend a lot of money.

I can see us going for a young manager with potential like Howe or maybe an experienced manager in the PL but not elite like Koeman but I can’t see our board going for a Simeone, Ancelotti, Guardiola, etc type manager as they would require a lot of investment, something Kroenke isn’t a big fan of.



Would Simeone really need much investment?


When you look at the other managers top clubs have appointed recently if we get Eddie Howe thats about as underwhelming as our centre forward position.


But think of all the money the club will save by not getting the best.


Should be obvious but for some fans, that is really new wisdom.


I just dont think we can say this with certainty. We’ve never had any other manager whilst having a 400m pound yearly income so until we do we just wont know.


I just assumed that he would be replaced by Boro Primorac


With Bould as his assistant.

I would imagine if Wenger gets to choose, this could happen.


Oh man Wenger is a world renowned economist and at a professorial level of several languages…why can’t this motherfucker figure out how to manage a football team???

I’ll take someone that understands modern football that only speaks Swahili over a manager that can’t figure out how to get his team to play with recognizable shape. Or figure out that Denilson and Bendtner aren’t going to be a viable core in the best league on the world, or be bothered to make a substitution at halftime, or not play CM’s wide and wide players as lone forwards, or that transfer market isn’t supposed to be for making profit it’s to make your squad better…or just on and on and on I could seriously probably create the longest post ever on OA if I go on.


It seems to be the likeliest scenario to me.
Why would Stan want to change a winning formula.

If we were going to go for something different, surely we would have gone in for Klopp, Guardiola or Ancelotti before now.


Wenger is on a fair old wage for a manager and I reckon they’re in awe of him and could easily be in awe of the next top manager too (well top-ish).

In fact I’d maybe even say the opposite would be true, they’ll go for a reasonably established manager because they’re so reliant on the manager that they probably think this entire house of cards will come falling down without another Wenger.

When Kroenke and Gazidis came on board they came into a club with one of the top managers in the world, on top managers wages so they’ve never known any different. The players can be cheap but the manager is god.

I just can’t see any kind of bargain coach coming in for the sake of saving a few million a year when finishing in the top four is worth so much more than that and then there’s the repercussions of that (players wanting to leave, players not wanting to join, possible extended spell outside the top 4). I just think the risks are too great for going cheap on the manager.


Think you read wrong. It’s not the manager’s wages Leper was talking about.
It’s the transfer funds.
Top managers will demand more expenditure on transfers which is probably not provided by Arsenal.


Yeah I think I did misinterpret that but the main point I was addressing was Steve Bould vs an actual manager :sweat_smile:


Real won 2 CLs and 2 La Ligas in that period with Ronaldo, Raul, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo, Makelle, Guti and Beckham. Barce had Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Xavi, Overmars, Petit, Luis Enrique, Kluivert and basically the Dutch national side. Then there was Deportivo who were a top top team back then.

And Valencia made 2 CL finals.


Barcelona was in a crisis during ~2000 and 2003. I think they finished 6th on season. Which pretty much opened up the door for Laporta.


Bayern havent paid more on an individual than we have.
Chelsea have once (Torres).
Barcelona only three times.
Atletico’s most expensive signing was what, £35m?

We genuinely have the financial capacity and a squad of players to accommodate any manager in world, should they choose to come here. Not to mention a modern stadium and an unthinkably large fan base.

Arsene not doing what fans want isn’t a fair reflection of the club imo.


True. Will be interesting to see if Renato Sanches ends up being more expensive in the end. He cost €35m up front with €45m on top potentially being paid depending on clauses.

Do we include these clauses often when we offer for or sign players? The last time I can actually remember clauses officially being included were when we signed Reyes, because initially that was reported as being something like £17.5m, but it turned out that something like £5-7m of that was installments that may or may not have ended up have being paid to Sevilla.

I might be forgetting an obvious example of us doing it since, because Reyes was actually twelve and a half fucking years ago :flushed:


This is misleading. It was not the age of the super club yet and Madrid and Barça were definitively not what they are now. It is a much bigger accomplishment to go toe to toe with Madrid and Barça right now than it was then. Valencia won the league in 03/04 with 77 pts (Barça second with 72, Madrid 4th with 70), in 01/02 with 75 pts, Madrid 66, Barça 64. That wouldn’t happen today not because the rest of the league has become weaker, but because Barça and Madrid are stronger, and the amount of money in the game has skyrocketed, and as a result the talent is more centralised in the top teams and the top leagues.

Also, Valencia was a big club then. The difference between Valencia and Madrid/Barça in terms of size of club was not nearly as big as the difference between Atléti and Madrid/Barça currently.