Diego Simeone


Just 3 points below Barca


Ok so that statement that they challenge like we do since their 2014 title looks rather awkward.


Lol yeah just a bit. They keep up with Barca and Real Madrid. We can’t even keep up with Leicester!


Funny you say that; when was the last time Athletico chelllenged for the premier league? By your comparison it’s the same thing.


What’s awkward is you guys trying the discredit the idea of challenging the idea of challenging for the league as the points gap alone.

So by your standards last season nobody challenged lesciester at all.


Well nobody did challenge them really. Hence why they won it!


If you consider the amount of time you spent be a realistic chance of winning it not just the point gap I suppose you could say Spurs challenged Leicester last year.


We have more trophies in the last few seasons than Atletico. So why swap good football and more trophies for defensive and less trophies.


You can’t be serious lol. And the football we play is no better than Atletico’s. Are you trying to say over a 3 year period you’d rather 2 FA cups over a League Title and 2 Champions league Finals ?


Sorry Gunny, but they won a title, thanks to their not competitive league have been title contenders every year and reached two times the CL final.

Their fans are more happy than us.


We haven’t played good football for a few seasons.
We might have the occasional game where we outplay the opposition and do it in style, but I can’t remember many in recent seasons.

Also, we haven’t won more trophies than Atletico.
Two FA Cups in over ten seasons is not much to write home about.
Winning the CL and La Liga against the two biggest clubs in Europe, certainly is.

I would swap their two CL finals and a League trophy for our two FA Cups.
Oh, and the all important Community Shield.


Yeah this whole notion that we play fluid, attacking football and Atletico are the anti-Christ’s of football, Mou-clones is total bogus simplistic BS. Lazy football analysis of the highest order on Altetico front and on ours it is no longer really true. Sometimes we play wonderful football b/c we have Ozil and Sanchez, but by and large our football is painful to watch and in games like the last one against PSG it is so evident how far we have fallen.


Is that true! Interesting.


No its a myth in 5 seasons at the helm Simeone has won the Europa League, Copa Del Rey, European Supercup and La Liga.


Sorry for being pedantic but the European Supercup is no more a cup than the Community shield tbh.

You can only include one if you include the other.


Either way Simeone has won more in the last 5 years than we have so I’m not fussed what way we want to count it.


Aussie…dood. Seriously? Never EVERRRRRRRRR talk to me about the Community Shield again :joy:


Yeah personally I wouldn’t really bother counting the European Supercup or the community shield, but @Oliver is spot on you have to count both or neither.


Yes, I’ll always take 2 trophies over 1 especially playing good rather than scummy football as the FA Cup is good and competitive. Shows progress winning it twice in a row,


But winning the League and CL are far more more competitive.
Just to get in the CL you have to be a top club.
To get in the FA Cup you just have to turn up.
Portsmouth have got to two finals in recent seasons and what division are they in?
Hull, Wigan and Cardiff are all recent finalists, and they have all got relegated.
The FA Cup isn’t much of a measure of success.

The league and CL are, for any top club.