Diego Simeone


If managers at Arsenal were expected to be “proactive” and if the team had to “control matches”, then Wenger would have been sacked by now. Of course, they maybe like to pretend that they are proactive, but no team that doesn’t even have a coherent style of play, with a passive defensive structure that’s more about reacting to whatever happens, cannot be described as a “proactive team”.

Certainly, Simeone is much more proactive in that regard.

But anyway, I get it; If you want attacking football, don’t hire Simeone. That’s fair enough. But then why mention Benitez and Koeman? I certainly wouldn’t ever describe those two as attacking managers. Benitez record in recent years and his whole time at Napoli, should tell you that he probably is not the man you’re looking for.


I looked at the Post Wenger situation from the POV of the board also. From statements from certain people they’ve echoed they want an offensive brand that resembles the best of Wenger.

Benitez is a completely personal preference for me but I think he can introduce elements of what I want in terms of structure and organization whilst introducing a proper attacking system. He’s always struck me as a pragmatic tactician. His experience around Europe and in England put him ahead of most candidates in my mind


Arsenal fans have new narrative - “We don’t play good football”
And they will run it to the death now. SIgh.


If you genuinely like the way we play football then good for you but personally speaking ive hated the way we play for at least three years now, possibly more.


Three seasons mean that would include the Ramsey season when we played some of best football.
So either your expectations are high or you are blind.

Wow talk about being spoilt.
We may not have been at our best for last 2 seasons but in each season, we atleast had a spell of good football.

Bar Barca, Bayern, Real; I have not known any club who are consistently good. Every club has a spell.


What’s wrong with the shit football and no trophies we get now? I’m worried that Simeone would ax guys like Sanogo that just need a chance to shine.


Like i say, if you enjoyed it, fine. I didn’t.


I wouldn’t, it’s called the beautiful game for a reason. That aside someone who can only speak Spanish/Italian and can’t speak English/German/French isn’t winning trophies at Arsenal


Ehmm. Our Spanish (speaking) contingent or players who have played in La Liga has grown quite a bit over the past years. Mustafi, Ozil, Monreal, Bellerin, Sanchez, Cazorla, Ospina, Perez and Martinez. I think at this point we’ve even got more Spanish speaking players than French speaking players.


Also Cech (though never played in Spain) who is just a language machine.

“Along with his native Czech, Čech also speaks English, French, German and Spanish”


So he’ll do a good job coaching our reserve keepers? Got it. Ozil and Mustafi’s level of Spanish probably isn’t that high either. So he can effectively coach 4 of our first team, the rest can do their own thing, que ‘you mean like they do already’ retort.

Seriously Simeone is a black shirt wearing peasant, he’ll be off to one of his ex-clubs


What kind of rubbish is this? Those four can help translate or communicate his ideas etc. with the others, whilst he’s learning English. Or we could hire a English speaking assistent or a translator for him. Every foreign manager had too learn English hadn’t they?

Yeah. Let’s shove a manager aside who has actually proved he has what it takes to manage at the highest level, because of language…

But for a high profile guy like that we aren’t that attractive anyway.


‘Whilst he’s learning English’ - hopefully someone can figure out the rocket science equations for me while I’m passing my Physics A Level, just to fill in like. Communication is everything in management.

It’s completely laughable you think someone can show up completely unqualified to do the job. Yes foreign managers had to learn English…in good time before they applied for the job.

Oh and Simone hasn’t proved anything that Rafa Benitez, Ranieri, Pellegrini or Di Mateo haven’t. Why not Ranieri, he’s taken a weaker team to be champions than Simeone. Rafa’s done more in La Liga than Simone, he’s won 2 La Ligas for Valencia a CL for Liverpool, why don’t you want him? That Valencia team was far better than this Atletico team. Because he’s not the flavour of the month? That’s all Simone is, flavour of the month.


Its not like hed need to speak English in the morning ffs. The argument is frankly ridiculous.


Managers and players need to learn new languages all the time. There are ways around that.
We’re looking for a ‘young’ manager to succeed our manager who’s going on his pension. Why sign other pensioners in Pellegrini or Ranieri then? Ranieri btw has got a lot of questionable jobs too. Makes no sense.

Benitez failed at most of his jobs after Liverpool. He was shit at Internazionale, he was decent at Chelsea, he was shit at Real Madrid, he did enough at Napoli not to call that a shit job, but not enough to believe Benitez is going to makes us better. When Benitez won the League twice the level between Spanish clubs hadn’t grown so crooked yet. Deportivo La Coruna won the League too in 99/00. Simeone, arguably, did a better job than Benitez by winning La Liga during the Messi/Ronaldo-Era. Saying SImeone hasn’t proven more than Di Matteo, that’s just reaching.

Simeone is relatively young manager (46) who has been competing in La Liga for five years now against the two best clubs in Europe whilst being financially inferior with success (something a poster like yourself has been going on and on about regarding us). A manager with a profile like that at least deserves a chance at a big level club. A club which isn’t on the highest level itself. He probably deserves it more than other people who have been mentioned like Koeman or Tuchel.


Lets not be stupid now, when Valencia won the 2 La Liga Titles Real Mardid and Barca were not even close to the teams they are today, the achievement of Atletico winning one in the past couple of years was much greater.


Is Simeone’s Arsenal really going to line up against West Brom at home and park the bus?

If we play 60 games in a season, I doubt much more than 10 of those will be against elite opposition. Even Wenger has been lauded for the quality of his shit football against the likes of City in recent years. In the big games you want commitment, you want fight. Nobody cares how many passes you made, only that you win in those games and you didn’t let yourselves get beat and often these games aren’t dull.

I believe there is a difference between not wanting to be beaten and being happy to take a point. Whenever I’ve seen Simeone park the bus, it’s looked to me like a clear ploy to win the game rather than cowardice.

The biggest difference between these two games was the winner due to properly executing a plan, not really the approach. And I think Barcelona were trying a lot harder against Atletico than they were against us but if Wenger had pulled off a semi final win against them playing in that fashion we’d have been over the fucking moon. In fact if Wenger could get us to a semi final, even if we got spanked I’d still be over the moon.

There’s no way this group of players or this club would just turn into a dire pile of shit overnight because of a new coach. We may get more disciplined and less adventurous but right now that’s exactly what I crave for us. Very few teams actually play “attractive” football and make it work anyway.


Athletico hasn’t beaten Barca 13 matches straight in the league. So yeah I think Simeone is a good manager and all but cmon that’s kinda underwhelming.


Pochettino’s English was non-existent when he got to Southampton. Still did a damn good job.

I’m not saying that it isn’t important or useful to be able to speak English if you manage and English side, but you are seemingly making it out to be an insurmountable barrier when it isn’t always.


This is the problem with the urgency of some fans to replace Wenger (not that I don’t think it’s time for a change - it is). It seems they believe his replacement will be an established, top quality manager.

I really don’t think it will, the reluctance to spend money and pay top wages is not just an Arsene Wenger thing, it’s an Arsenal thing. I still have a sneaking suspicion our next manager will be Steve Bould.