Dennis Bergkamp


God those kits are sick


Yep, that blue away kit was about the only one that didn’t have me begging to have yellow back. Great kit (although all I can remember from it is thrashings at Anfield!)


The blue away shirt from 95/96 is still one absolute badass design, and pretty unique design. Anyone who has that shirt should treasure it forever. I still regret giving up my goalkeeper shirt from 96/97 season, which funnily enough you have as well Jake. So many nice shirts from the 90s. Kinda goes back to my point I’ve made before about shirts coming out too often now, and look fairly generic most of the time.


I really wish I’d gotten Bergkamp 10 on the back of my Blue Lightening Strike shirt. But I loved Ian Wright more back then and it was basically fucking impossible to get stuff printed properly over here at the time so probably best it remained blank from that point of view.

I love that prototype shirt too.


I had this blue full kit for Christmas that year with Bergkamp on the back and spilt fucking acrylic paint down it Christmas day… Parents where not happy. I was devastated



Naaaah! That can’t be the game, surely?

I was certain he scored his first goals for Arsenal in a 3pm kick off against Southampton at Highbury. And a couple of brilliant goals they were an’all


We’ll need to know what @Luca_from_Italy was eating that day to confirm that the date is correct.


Don’t think the picture is from the game. But that’s definitely the date he bagged his first goals.


Roast chicken :chicken:


Teletext. What a time that was to be alive. Loved it.




It was brilliant to watch the connection he and Henry had. Sadly I missed his first few Arsenal seasons as I only became a fan during the 98 cup final.