Dennis Bergkamp

Club Honours:

1997/98 Premier League
1997/98 FA Cup
1998/99 Charity Shield
2001/02 Premier League
2001/02 FA Cup
2002/03 Charity Shield
2002/03 FA Cup
2003/04 Premier League (Invinicible season)
2004/05 Charity Shield
2004/05 FA Cup

Statue named in his honour outside the Emirates Stadium in 2014.


Just been shown on MOTD, but on this day in 1997 (August 27th), Dennis scored that superb hat trick against Leicester City, including the very memorable hat trick goal. What a wonderful player he was :slight_smile:

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What more can be said about this great footballer? The man is a disciple of pure football

didn’t waste his time after his retirement with trivial tv punditry, doesn’t seek the spot light, doesn’t seek money, doesn’t seek glamour appointments, his only interest was in being on the training ground coaching and implanting his wisdom.

True Legend, one of the greatest footballers this club will ever see.


His goal versus Newcastle was incredible. Not sure that one will be topped.

My favourite player of all time. Just pure football genius.


Skill, winning mentality and class personified. Pure legend. As much as I love Thierry, Dennis is always one small step ahead in my book. Can he be cloned?


I don’t half wish for him to come back to Arsenal in some capacity. Love this man. Genuinely gutted I’m unable to make it to the legends game to see thei good among footballers pull on the red and white.

I only started supporting Arsenal in 2006 so I missed out on watching Bergkamp, I’ve never really watched any highlights of him either

The absolute best player I’ve ever seen in the Premier League and my favourite player of all time. He was my footballing hero as a child.


Only had 4 seasons of him compared to Henry’s 5 as an arsenal fan for me and Thierry was at his peak when I started to support us so I hold Henry in higher status but DB was still a brilliant brilliant player. How lucky we were to have these two play upfront for us at the same time.

You know he’s special when Henry attributes his on pitch success to him.

Scored what is quite possibly my favourite goal against Argentina. The commentary helps too.

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I was at that game early season . half the coach didnt have a ticket but somehow we all got in . wright had to be taken off b4 he was sent off which didnt help and as DB says its all about the points . great to see that man in action . loved him and await his return one day.

“I am happy but I won’t rule out working in another country in the future…As a coach or another staff position”

Tuchel as manager with Bergkamp as his assistant and Pires as sporting director.

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What on earth has Tuchel done to be considered a viable replacement for Wenger? He hasn’t won anything. He lost his cup final last season and his team collapsed in both the title race and then the quarter finals of the Europa League against Liverpool.

He has literally done nothing. Won nothing. He just has his teams play similar to Klopp who has, coincidentally enough, not won anything for 4 (soon to be 5) years.

But let’s not worry about the finer details.


I don’t think we are going to sign a manager who has won things. That list is very small anyway. I don’t see a Simeone, Ancelotti or any manager like that actually joining us. I’d be very suprised if that would happen. I reckon we are going to do with a young up-and-coming manager. Something Tuchel is.

The critisicm of them not winning things is a bit unfair imo. Bayern just has been on a crazy level. In the past seasons approx 90 points in a 34 game League is just insane.

So we’re getting a puppet for the board rather than a gaffer that he the personality to put his foot down.

I’d rather have Howe than Tuchel tbh

It’s not like young managers can’t have any personality. But sure it would be more difficult for them.

A young manager who walks into the Arsenal job immediately after Wenger isn’t going to come in a start throwing his weight around like a big shot wrt the board and players. There’ll be an strong element of anxiousness and fear

More experienced managers will have a better stature in the football which footballers respect more, extensive knowledge and a already established footballing philosophy. They are better equipped deal with a job of this magnitude