Dennis Bergkamp


I think there will be difficulties regardless when it comes to the replacement of Wenger. We’re talking about a manager who has been here for 20+ years. It’s more about the actual quality of the manager than his experience IMO. Look at Moyes f.e. when he took over at United. Like I said the list of managers with reputable names is very short anyway. Simeone, Ancelotti, Guardiola, Mourinho, Conte (arguably), Allegri? I don’t see any of those names joining us,


Come on now, how can you cite Moyes? 11 years at Everton with no trophies isn’t enough experience for a United manager. Maybe LVG would have been a better example of experience not being all that.

Rafa Benitez should be mentioned in the manager discussion. He ticks alot of boxes for the role


Because if one manager hasn’t won trophies you can’t speak of proper experience?

Let’s just say there is a reason Rafael Benitez is coaching in the Championship currently. His last job that wasn’t a total failure, at Napoli, he also did nothing to give the impression he’ll take Arsenal to next level. He performaned adequately with them. But not more than that.

Liverpool in the Premier League wasn’t great either. He had only one season where they actually competed. Plus his transfers were awful, another reason not to take him imo. A freedom he probably also wants at Arsenal…


I’ve spent the the last 15 minutes reading this article, watching the accompanying videos and grinning like an idiot. It doesn’t even really scratch the surface of what a genius he was.


Great read.


FANTASTIC read! thanks for posting, thoroughly enjoyed that!



Thats my favourite Bergkamp goal that. Doesnt get played enough.


Yea watched it about ten times just there. He’s just got so many moments you could just watch over and over and over. :slight_smile:


My heart…


Is it weird that I remember that the Sunderland keeper was called Lionel Perez?



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Great goal from the ice man!


This is how it starts mate. Slippery slope to becoming a fully fledged anorak.
Been there. Got the books, the programmes, ticket stubbs, autographs. Its never enough. Always got to have that one obscure piece of knowledge more.
Hence your memory of the keeper here. Everyone else sees a wonder strike, but you see a bit extra.
Be afraid Jakey be very afraid, because I know what its like.


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So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


The law of physics should not have let Dennis strike the ball like that for it to go completely to the right, just look at his body shape … no way the keeper saw that coming. What a God.


That’s the sheer beauty of the goal. His stance is in no way conducive to putting the ball into the top right corner but somehow… what an absolute genius.


Fifteen years ago today.


Fucking hell