Dennis Bergkamp


Greatest goal in Premier League history



My favourite, idol, legend, hero, inspiration. The greatest.
I miss you out there on the pitch.


A pure legend. Graceful footballer. Miss him and Thierry and all those lads from the invincibles time.


Happy Birthday Dennis! So glad I grew up watching him in an Arsenal shirt in my formative years instead of the players we have now :laughing:

A quirk of good timing


Bergkamp, Henry, Pires and Ljundberg.

The best attacking line up I’ve seen.


Happy Birthday DB!


i’m pretty sure if i ever met him this is how i would react.




Feel so grateful witnissing in him at his prime at Arsenal. He scored the first ‘live’ goal at a match I attended, when we played Sheffield Wednesday in 1998 :slight_smile:

I love the fact despite his god given talents, the guy was never arrogant. Very humble and did his talking on the pitch like a real pro. Something a lot of Footballers could learn a thing or two about today, instead of being obsessed by how many followers they have.


It’s way down on my list of things that I love about Bergkamp, but I liked that he also had a tough streak. If someone was being a cunt he had no problem elbowing them right in the fucking face.

I’m not a fan of dirty players but I do like players to have that little bit of edge about them, let’s opponents know that they won’t be bullied.


I’ve only been to one testimonial, and it was Bergkamp at the first game at the Emirates.
If any player deserved a sellout 60k crowd, on the opening of a new stadium, he did.


Likewise :slight_smile:

Grimandi hacking down Davids in front of an open goal was just brilliant haha


Happy birthday, you fucking legend!


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Likewise :slight_smile:

Grimandi hacking down Davids in front of an open goal was just brilliant haha
[/quote]I remember Bergkamps penalty miss as well, and the double substitution where two Dutch players went off and Cruyff and Van Basten came on.


posting for likes.


The best Arsenal player I’ve ever seen. Followed closely by Henry.


Thierry and Dennis were the creme de la creme for me. We were lucky to have both in their prime!


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It’s amazing to think that Bergkamp was most probably a goner after the 2001 FA Cup final. He wasn’t picked by Wenger. We had Davor Suker and Wenger preferred him.

Then Bergkamp went on to have that incredible season in 2002.

If nothing else, that proves he was the consummate professional