Dennis Bergkamp


Nice one!


Deservedly so. Incredible goal. I’ve always thought it was a piece of instinctive magic that would be so so hard to top. Only Rooney’s goal against City comes close.


This makes me incredibly happy!


Our greatest player wins best PL goal.
I thought the goal against Leicester for his hat trick was pretty good as well, and Henry’s against spurs was a brilliant solo run and finish.
Wilshere’s was the best team goal.


These are exactly the two goals I had in mind for 2nd and 3rd best. Beckham from the halfway line was quite special too.


Di Canio’s volley ranks pretty high imho


True that. All goals above @SRCJJ 's odd choice of Rooney’s shinpad volley :sunglasses:


I remember Viz magazine describing Beckham as a “hit and hope footballer” because of that goal :grin:


DB’s reaction to winning on his Insta page

Think we should honour him by giving him cutout face @Bl1nk! If Thierry has one then only right the ice master gets one aswell


Was this an online poll?

I thought Rooney already won this.


It was an incredible goal.

How I miss those days. We had truly something to look forward to. Now it’s all a shambles and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna change anytime soon :frowning:


I feel you, those were the good days to be an arsenal fan. Games won even before we’d stepped out on the pitch. Now we’re a fucking joke to everyone :joy:



They bothered to do a vote? What a waste of time.


He is such a genius - even when he speaks about football, everything sounds right and intelligent with the creative and clear subtlety of a generational footballing mind.


Should be our next manager really even if he is still scared to fly.


I see him being linked with the Swansea job. Absolutely shouldn’t take it. A relegation battle isn’t what he needs.


Yeah, but at least that way if he becomes the next Pep Guardiola, people can’t say, “Yeah yeah, Bergkamp may be great with big clubs, but he’s never taken Swansea to a midtable finish.”


He’ll have been given £40m players from Bayern on loan, so he’ll have basically bought that success.


Apparently Ajax fans are super happy to have him go as he’s a toxic presence behind the scenes and doesn’t like it when things don’t go his way.