Dennis Bergkamp


I can only assume that literally everyone at Ajax is a cunt and didn’t listen to him when they should have.

Yeah, that goes for you too Overmars you prick


Haha yeah that’s basically my thinking when I was reading it!

Someone posted “Time to get him home!” and Ajax fans were like “oh ho ho you are VERY welcome to him”


Let Sir Dennis get a year at Swansea under his belt then have him here. He can literally teach everyone to play football, if Ozil re-signs Sir Dennis can teach him how to shoot.

TBF what do Arsenal fans know about Steve Bould? Not allot, so Ajax’s fans opinion doesn’t necessarily reflect the reality.


Happy birthday Mr ice man


I don’t think I could ever get bored watching Bergkamp.
Like Wright and Henry, he could make a goal out of nothing, and did stuff that was geniusl.
Our greatest player.


Happy birthday champion!


If we only had peak Bergie and Henry again. Good times



As an attacking line up, it doesn’t get much better than that.


That was a team to love. Fluidity was its middle name. At least we have got the memories!


My favourite Arsenal player of all time. I have his signed shirt framed hanging up in my hallway at home. He without doubt provided me the most happiest of memories as an Arsenal fan.


Only R9 comes close for me in terms of my personal favourite players list.


God… Some of those passes :fire:


No matter how good people claim Ozil is. How the hell could he compare to Bergkamp with these amazing weighted balls. If we have a player like Bergkamp again it would make our players finish so much easier.




That hat-trick against Leicester, too bad our defence ruined what was probably the greatest hat-trick in an Arsenal shirt , Kanu , you aren’t forgotten.
But THAT goal against Newcastle, what genius of a player .


My favourite Arsenal player.

Utter genius with the ball and a brain 3-4 secs ahead of other players. And yes the Newcastle goal was still to me the best I can remember. The one for Holland to sticks in my mind especially with Dutch commentator having an orgasm come to mention them…

TH a close second with Patrick third.


Crouchy knows


Meh. Give me a Walcott compilation over this piece of vintage, out of age, poor man’s Thomas Muller any day.


I can remember listening to the Newcastle game on the radio. I didn’t have access to ITV Digital.

The commentators were waxing lyrical over DB’s goal. I thought “it can’t be better than the majestic goal he scored against Levekusen in the week”. Boy, was I wrong!


Was that the turn and chip from the edge of the box? That’s such an utterly classy goal.