Dennis Bergkamp


Yes! Mesmeric…

It’s like all the old ITV champions league footage has been wiped off television history.

Not necessarily a bad thing. We don’t have to be subjected to Wayne Bridge over and over again




Sent this video to my football team whatsapp group…naturally ended up in a long debate about how Raúl is supposedly better than Bergkamp because he never won a CL, about how Bergkamp doesn’t even belong in the discussion of the best 10 footballers of the last 20 years as I insist he does.

If you cunts only knew the constant battle I’m waging with these ignorant/haughty madridistas, you would never doubt my commitment to the Atléti (:heart:) cause. I mean Arsenal cause.



I used to use teletext every single morning and about 20 times a day during the transfer windows lol. Could never get onto the internet ‘cause my parents wouldn’t let us use the dial up in case somebody was trying to call.


That should be in the nostalgia thread :smile:


I didn’t realize until last week that this was actually the British transfer record for a short period of time.


I remember it like yesterday :smiley:


Must of been short I remember Collymore to Liverpool was either 8 or 8.5m. Should of been world class Collymore


Yep it was broken like a week later by Collymore which is why I never noticed that it happened :grin: .



Love him but it’s probably this Rivaldo one against a great Valencia side who had made the CL final to lose on penalties. They were 3 points clear of Barce in the CL qualification and the result of this game would decide who between the 2 teams would make the CL.


Eh, why would you sully this thread with non Bergkamp material?


Whilst I agree that the Rivaldo treble is the best hat-trick of all time, it’s worth noting the tweet is talking about PL hat-tricks…


Bergkamp didn’t score any more hat-tricks for us, did he? It was only the Leicester one, if memory serves me correct (I use only in the loosest possible terms)


Won a fair chunk gambling a couple of weekends ago and decided to spend most of it on this



Well worth it


Jesus, that is a thing of beauty :heart_eyes:

The printing on the back looks like of really good quality too


What season is that Jake? 95/96?

Bergkamp scored the winning goal against Manchester United at Highbury that season. That was about the last time we played them at 3pm on a Saturday


There are a few, barely noticeable pulls in the fabric of the shirt in the front. The blue “Arsenal” on the back is slightly faded. But only slightly, as per the photo, you wouldn’t notice.

But the badge and sponsors on the front are basically flawless, and the lettering is absolutely perfect. Which is pretty astonishing for a shirt that is over twenty years old.

@DavidHillier spot on, 95/96. One day I want to get the away shirt from that season

I’ve also come across this official Nike prototype they made around that time too, which could have been one of those legendary, cult classic lovely but kinda ugly kits imo