Denis Suárez

It is absolutely fucking pathetic and I for one haven’t been this angry about anything Arsenal related since yesterday afternoon.


You would think he was a key member of the midfield with his thread having 441 posts having being here for only 4 months :joy:

Best of luck to him back in Spain. Shame it didn’t work out but worth worth a try

Grand. Moved. :joy:

Shit happens, obv. no point in directing anything towards Denis, he’s likely just a footballer going away on loan trying his best to ignite his career, might as well have gone splendid and we liked each other and stayed. We should fling our question marks elsewhere, i.e. at the club and why this was all we could muster, and what “no money” means.

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Wish you were in charge of actually moving players out the club instead of just moving their threads out the arsenal section as you are ruthless just what arsenal needs


I’m more angrier than you are. Want to bet on it? If I’m more angrier then you have to get BANNED from the forum and if you’re more angrier then I get BANNED?


He had a couple of promising cameos. He’s gotta be better than Iwobi and Miki for sure.

I’d still sign.

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This shows how pathetic the management is.

Never got the feeling he was a long term project, and was just here just in case we had a injury in our attacking midfield positions. I’m sure Emery had faith in the lad but you could see his wasn’t up to the rough and tumble of the PL. He’s the type of player who end up at a mid table La Liga team. A bit of waste of money but that’s Arsenal for you.

It didn’t keep the supporters quiet though and I highly doubt that anyone at our club would have thought that.

He was brought in as cover, luckily up to this point he hasn’t been needed, but that’s ideally how you want it to work when you bring in cover. To me it seems fairly clear that he was brought in for footballing reasons, rather than the club thinking that they could pull the wool over our eyes by bringing in some no mark on loan for six months. It’s so obvious that literally nobody dissatisfied with our transfer dealings would be placated by that, so much so that I just can’t believe he was signed to keep the fans quiet.

If we had signed no one, there would have been a massive backlash, considering how poor we have been.

Suarez wasn’t what we needed but it cost the club very little and was an attempt to make us look less useless than we actually are.

It’s similar to the “we tried” line, or the boast that “we can afford any player.”
Just a complete pack of lies told by the board, who couldn’t care less about the team or the supporters.

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Do you never get bored of yourself?

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Lol. I needed to figure my life out etc, but why continue with these pathetic little digs then? Cunt.

A shame it didn’t work out for either party and explains why he hasn’t had a sniff of any first team involvement in weeks.

It puts paid to the potential permanent transfer which I’m pleased about.

Kallstrom trending because of Suarez.


Youri Tielemans would have a potential good loan signing that didn’t come off if he happen to get injured.

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Didn’t we pay a loan fee for this guy? Not to mention I’m sure he took on some on some of the wages.

“No money” That said, sucks for the guy.

Yea it’s probably cost us 3-4m quid all in so not exactly value for money.

I’m happy though. We signed someone. As a football fan that’s what it’s all about as far as I’m concerned. :gunnersaurus:

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Unai did really want him so I get where the frustration comes from. First Emery transfer didn’t go so well. We’ll see if the management continue taking his input this summer.

The Daily Express reported today that ‘Arsenal fans were in MELTDOWN’ as Denis Suarez confirmed he will not play for Arsenal again this season.

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