Denis Suárez

Maybe a few users in this thread were their source :smile:


I think the Express should have got in touch with president of the Arsenal Denis Suarez fan club, who have more than a million members, and got them to do a poll to see if they had gone into meltdown or not.

I’m sure some of them would have been throwing themselves off of the nearest bridge when they received the awful news but most of them will be able to cope and move on.

You could say Big Weng has done it yet again… :wenger:

Imagine if we actually bought this guy instead of loaning him like Barca wanted.

Arsenal’s medical for Suarez leaked


When we “sign” players like Suarez, they should really just put the word “token” in front of the word signing.

Kallstrom, Bischoff, Chamakh, Sylvestre, Suarez etc, were all token signings, when we were actually desperate for top quality.

It’s known as the “Kallstrom effect.”
A signing to placate the supporters, and to try and fool them into thinking that the club is really trying their best, when in reality are doing absolutely nothing, except fleecing the same supporters.

Baldy deffo would have had us signing him with an obligation to buy

But still shit that we spent all of January chasing after this guy lool

A loan signing worthy of peak banter era.

Fucking Celta Vigo lads. :joy::rofl:

It’s only one day into July and he got signed.
Why was there such a fuss when we wanted to sign him?

Assuming you mean “why wasn’t there a fuss”, there were clubs like this who wanted him permanently but he wanted only Arsenal (because he’s never getting such a big opportunity again), which I imagine is why they kept trying to make us buy him.


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He scored last night in a 1-1 draw with Sevilla. Looked a little lightweight for the PL imo, sure he had a injury but I think La Liga mid table team is better suited for him.

I was just laughing at the last word of the tweet


That’s kinda like opening MailOnline and closing it straight after because there isn’t anything worth reading.