Denis Suárez (signed)


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Where for art thou, Moley?



So which airline are we supposed to track?



Moley is saying we won’t be buying him but a loan is an option fyi.



Pro fans read rivals forums

Key points:

Underplayed at Barce which is possibly hurt his development/form
Excellent technique and dribbling
Weak and gets pushed off the ball
Not getting his head up picking the best passes
Could be Bellerin’s ideal metrosexual buddy

Here’s a good quote:

" He does not suit us nor he is going to make a difference, but he can be absolutely amazing for average teams."



“ Weak and gets pushed off the ball” not a great attribute heading to such a physical league.

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No one else was in for Henry or Vieira or Petit. Liverpool were the only club in for Mo Salah/ Chelsea and Napoli were interested in Suarez though according to reports

That aside we’re not really in a financial position to get into bidding wars with player recruitment. Shrewd purchases make more sense if we can make them. Also if we compete with United or City or PSG or Barce/Real for a player we’ll get blown out of the water in fees and wages.

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The end of the day its an Emery choice. He has to be allowed to put his own mark on the side. He stands or falls by his signings.
This is one possible signing and he needs a lot more. Its someone he knows and im giving him the benefit of the doubt.
We are in a big transition here and people need to wake up to this. Like all managers and clubs were going to have to see how signings workout.
Some will and some wont. Its the way the game is now and always has been.

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No he has his drawbacks and is a rough gem but this was him being played out of position in midfield. His best position is part of the front 4 but because of Messi, Suarez, Iniesta, Dembele, Coutinho, Malcolm he’s way down the pecking order for those positions.

Technique wise I’d say he’s better than any of our players and they were comparing him to Iniesta at one stage.


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If the technical director could also play as a CB for us than I am all on-board.



His never been a goal scorer so he’d wanna fix that up if he plans to be part of a front 4 at a top club, Ozil seems like a potent goalscorer compared to this guy.

Suárez most potent season has yielded 4 goals and 4 assists, so his end product is pretty much non existent.



We’d essentially be taking a punt that he’d reach the potential that his technique is capable of but he did manage 5 goals and 11 assists in 3300 minutes in 15/16, which is the last time he got consistent game time.



In La Liga it was 4 goals 4 assists, so obviously he stat padded vs garbage teams in the Europa League.

Chances of him coming to the Premier League and being a success are very small.



Don’t have the funds this window :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Poorest Rich Club™ in the world :man_facepalming:



Depends though. Klopp has made 3 relegated players first team players into a potentia ltitle winning side. Plenty of Liverpool fans were less than enthused on Robertson and Wijnaldum signings.

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Hey if we’re too poor to buy mediocre players like those for £20 million then I’m ok with being poor.

These days I’m thinking even if Kroenke would invest, it would make no difference. This club would use the extra cash to buy more bums than actually get that one world class player.

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Yeah that’s true, but at least they’re physical players well suited to the hustle and bustle of the premier league.



An Ozil fan using this as an argument. A tad ironic there mate.

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I like Suarez. The Cazorla replacement Torreira couldn’t be.