Denis Suárez (signed)


Ozil is majestic class as his most assists in the premier league since 2013 suggest.

I’ll live with Suárez physical weaknesses on the ball if he produces 6-8 league goals + 10-12 assists per season Don’t worry.



Having looked back at it, Barcelona paid €3.5 million for him (which admittedly was a buy back) and have barely played him over the last 18 months so how on earth can they justify asking for £20m for someone who hasn’t pushed on and actually has lower stock than before he signed…




How the fuck did Liverpool sell Solanke and Ings for +£20m?

Why do we let all our players go on frees?

How do bumblebees fly?

Some of the unanswered mysteries of the universe



Transfermarkt set his market value at 12,00 Mill. €



I hope Sanllehi is asking the same questions.

If we get taken for fools again man…



This is where he has to earn his money lol

Can’t allow us to get messed about here



They can’t. But it’s on Arsenal to take it or leave it…they probably don’t have to sell either so they can play hardball. It’s always something they can try because dumping him too some Spanish club will always be a last option they’ll have I’m sure.



Even if we don’t, some other idiots like West Ham will pay then 20M for him.



Thing is as well, if we’re looking for another CM, there is a pretty big pool to pick from, with a large array of talent. This, I would assume, makes buys like the Torreira one, a common thing.

You have young guys like Havertz, Praet and Fornals which play a big part in their respective teams and have release clauses around the £30M mark (the latter two at least, not sure on Havertz). Barca asking for near £20M for a player with considerably low stock is plain lunacy. They are throwing a sum out there and waiting for a PL team flush with cash to pop along and buy him because he’s played for Barcelona.

We should move onto other targets if that’s the case, it really isn’t worth our time trying to negotiate lower than £20M for Suarez.

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If Barca want a sale I’m sure they’ll budge on price. This is a player they literally do not need, not even as a squad player.



I don’t think Suarez is going to be used as CM. But for 30 million Fornals probably also makes a lot more sense as an option for behind the striker in stead of Suarez for 20.

I guess availability is also a thing in the January market.



I’m big on Fornals and would love to give him his chance in England. He fits the profile of the kind of player we should be targeting and he has a very reasonable release clause.



I am ok with this deal. Not a permanent one there isn’t any risk with him.



Like Liverpool (assist)? Napoli (goal+assist in 2 games)? Leverkuson (assist)? Then there’s the lesser level of Sparta Prague (assist) and the rest are group stage games

Bare in mind he was only 21/22 in that season so for a player of that age it’s promising anyway and it was enough for Barce to bring him back and promote him.

This is a signing made on big potential and we probably should make more of this type of signing. Some will pay off and some won’t. His development should benefit from regular football where he’s a focal point of the attack, which was never happening at Barce.



He always looks confused



He is so so weak its unreal. Hopefully he will be fed steoroids in his oatmeal at Colney.

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I dunno but the way you post is like your a man from the 1970’s haha



Maybe i am :henry2:

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Where have you read we are forecasted to make a huge loss?



Give him some big english steaks :henry2:.