Denis Suárez (signed)


The noise regarding Frenkie de Jong and Barcelona is also back. Rabiot will join them in the summer. Denis Suarez will leave them. Only question is where too he will go.



We do, we just like to pretend we don’t when it’s convenient

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Yet he has the balls to say, “Stop saying stupid things on Twitter” haha

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I’ve just seen somewhere that he rejected West Ham because he wants to join us, not really the kind of club we want to be competing with for players



Tbf West Ham pulled off some great signings recently I’d take in a heartbeat irrespective of current form



20mill would be a travesty. No Spanish club would come close to his matching wages he will pick up here which means his resale value will be close to 0. Like pretty much every single sale we have made the last couple years.

20mill could also be about 50% of our transfer budget assuming no CL. We’re forecasted to make a HUGE loss this year.

We need to be smart about our transfers not spending massive proportions of our budget on player with limited upside like this.



still a club near the bottom of the table though



Don’t know if we should be shocked too much in regards to money. We clearly have an abundance of it however our tight wage bill has been well documented for two years now.

I can see that being used as a bargaining tool at bringing Barca down in their estimations with the price of Suarez. 20M Euro is high for an outcast/player they have no need for. VikLehi are at it.



So you think a player that plays/is a target at a club lower than ours automatically makes him no good?

Let’s use the same club in question as an example and go back a couple years. Dmitri Payet.



No, I’m saying that West Ham aren’t really the kind of club we should be competing with for players, we should be going against the bigger clubs. Clubs like West Ham do make signings every so often that top teams would want but not very often



He’s on about £60k a week I don’t think we’re going to be paying him a dissimilar wage to be honest with you so shifting him at a slight loss isn’t going to be difficult.



I used the Coutinho example earlier in this topic and will use it again here in this debate. Didn’t Liverpool fight off Southampton to secure him?

On Denis specifically I don’t have a strong stance as I genuinely know not a lot on him. But to rule out a signing just because a club lower than us in the league also has interest sounds stupidly stubborn to me.



Being an arsenal fan I want to win trophies and to do that we need to be signing top players that other top clubs are after as well, I’ve seen use sign loads of players over the years that are just good enough to help us reach the top 4 and hardly any that would help us do more then that

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Twitter saying this deal is agreed. Novice question: this guy any good?



Loan+an option to buy is the best option. He does well we have a good player. He doesn’t perform we can send him back home.



Haha ok we can agree to disagree. But we both want the same thing ultimately



he will do for now as top 4 is what we need this season but not after that



Consensus is, maybe??



Really hope this is just a loan deal if it happens, don’t want squad numbers and funds being used on yet another underwhelming signing.

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haha the squad numbers bit made me laugh for some reason