David Raya (22)

Ramsdale in the mud?


Also. Another player preferring us over Bayern :arteta:

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Ramsdale wasn’t great towards the back end of season. I won’t be surprised if Ramsdale’s performance on tour has caused this too.

:eyes: two days before


Huge. Bit of competition for Ramsdale?


Wowza, I did not see that coming


Would be a top signing.

I like Ramsdale but I think Raya ends the season as #1 if he joins


£40m was the price quoted to Spurs. I think we make the move once we’ve sold a player

EDIT: Bayern must hate us lol


Even if there’s even a slither of truth to it shows a lack of total confidence in Ramsdale

Even top clubs don’t move like this with regard to GK’s


Yeah this is wild, Edu and Arteta absolutely ruthless.


Just two months ago. Can only assume this was to protect his value somewhat

EDIT: clean run. Bayern to go for De Gea is what an ITK is saying. Seeing Blink’s post below


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If we spend 40m on another GK before adding a striker/wf to compete with Saka and Jesus I’ll be pissed off.

Raya is free next year isn’t he? Sweeten up old franky boy and agree a 10m deal for next summer.

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Will we pay £40m for a goalkeeper though?

Let’s be honest, people overhyped Ramsdale becuase he’s likeable and had some highlight saves. There are gaps to his game

In terms of allocation of resources is going after Raya smart? I think we made our bed with Ramsdale and should stick with it at this point.


Maybe there is no one they want to buy at RW/ST

and the opportunity has came up to sign a goalkeeper we wanted before Ramsdale in 2021.

Can’t see why this is a complaint tbh

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Seems ridiculous given we already have Ramsdale. I know Mikel has had a thing for Raya for a while but Ramsdale hasn’t been anywhere near bad enough to justify thumping 40m down on a new keeper already.


If we’ve lost faith in the current #1 then I don’t see why not

This is pretty nuts, you only do something like this if Ramsdale is pretty much done here

This says a lot about what Arteta and co currently think of him long term, he’s not the guy

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You could have just retweeted Ornstein Fab instead of copying the tweet lol

Bayern lowballed with a loan bid, haha.

Looks like we wanna do this deal quickly.


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In theory Ramsdale’s value should remain high within the league. Should break-even at the very least if he does end up being sold.

Raya to come in as the first choice Champions League goalkeeper?


Matt Turner set to leave?