David Ospina


What i mean is that even De Gea even when people felt he was an extremely solid keeper (granted the market wasnt this crazy) but it was still crazy what did Manu pay for him…something like £30m?

Maybe i am badly wrong but 100m for a GK i didnt think i would see the day.


I seriously don’t know who moley is. Yeah, only from your referrals :grinning:.


His first name is Adrian


Get out.

(Don’t really get out but that was poor)


I’m sorry. I’m tired. I can’t be hilarious 24/7 :expressionless:


You could hire somebody in to cover your downtime perhaps.




WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!! :heart_eyes:


OSPINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :giroud: Finally a penalty saved!


Yeah… Ospina 1 - Cech 0


The miracle has happened :cech:


Cech would’ve dived high to his left naturally





Before tonight we let in our last 28 penalties :joy:


Almost 4 entire years of not saving a fucking penalty.

That has to be some sort of record for an English top flight team?

Also, would be good to see a breakdown of those penalties we let in. 20+ surely would be Cech.



Can someone explain me why the fuck are we still playing this useless neckless excuse for a keeper?

It’s not like we must try to keep him happy since we should try to get rid of him as quickly as possible.


Not sure what your aversion to him is.

Ospina is quite a capable keeper, sure he’s got a mistake in him but how many keepers don’t?

He’s got a good pedigree and prior to joining us was one of the highest performing keepers in Europe.


Ospina is garbage lets not try and kid ourselves.


Agreeded. Definitely need to invest in a goalkeeper (or two!) over the summer.

The good news though is that Man City will most likely have Bravo in goal. So both teams will be starting with 10 men.


Cuz he’s the official authority on which player is good and which player is shit. Disagree with him and you are labeled as a fucking idiot, he knows better than you about football so you aren’t allowed an opinion.