David Ospina

Full name: David Ospina Ramírez

Date of birth 31 August 1988
Place of birth Medellín, Colombia
Height 1.83 m
Playing position Goalkeeper

The only player thread without a post! In a poor night from the team, Ospina was about the only one who made any major difference with a couple of important saves. Still quite lucky we held onto him over the Summer.


Yeah Id rather Cech start if he’s fit but I will admit you can’t ask for a better no2 keeper than this bloke.


this is probably the nicest thing I’ve ever said about Ospina, he was a complete hero tonight, made some great saves and even made up for his own mistake when he gave the ball straight to them

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Wenger gambled well tonight :santi2: :wenger:. Apart from joke, he is a great shot-stopper.


He did really well. Man of the match for us (on our own team) in a game in which Szczesny would have been sent off at least 3 times.


Great lad our David. Hope he stays around for years.

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backup keepers normally leave to find first team football after a while, just look at Fabianski and Mannone

I actually think he deserves to start ahead of Cech, who’s reflexes are noticeably slowing down. I didn’t think he did anything to deserve ever being displaced to begin with and signing Cech hasn’t exactly been the game changing signing we thought it would be given the 4 or 5 errors he made last season including two howlers on his debut.


Yea i dont care about that, I just hope we have two quality goalkeeping options for as long as possible is all im saying.

Fair play to him, he had a blinder last night

Despite the good defensive record, he never actually convinced he was a good keeper in 14-15. Some of the games he’s played for Colombia over the last 12-18 months and the game yesterday are starting change my mind though.


I didn’t like the decision to play Ospina, think you should just stick with your 1st choice but there’s no doubt Cech is declining. Not to say he’s going to be useless soon, he’s been a great GK for a long time and will still remain at a good level for a little bit longer but you can really see his mileage when he’s going for low shots.

Yeah absolutely. I just feel like with Cech we’re looking at someone at the tail end of his career who doesn’t necessarily have a lot left to give. His decline is obvious and I wouldn’t want to lose a keeper like Ospina just to eek out an extra year or so from Petr.


Remember the last like 10 years when our starting GK was 1/4 of the keeper that our current backup is? Good business that.


Cech should start every high profile game, it’s why we spent 10 million on him. Should the day come when he isn’t good enough anymore then we simply promote from in house or just go and spend another 10 million on another world class keeper. They aren’t the most expensive but they are one of the most important positions. Which blows my mind how Wenger could go so long without improving the area.

I think since we have had a decent GK with Cech and very good cover in Ospina, it makes you realise the false economy of having GK’s like Almunia, Fabianski and Mannone.

The chaos not just their keeping but also their organisational skills and the fact they didn’t instill much confidence in the defenders playing in front of them, meant that we were letting in a lot of cheap goals.

For the first time I can remember, we have the sort of quality in the GK position that we deserve.

That’s one of the massive reasons I think Cech needs to start twice a week, he’s one man that might actually get Mustafi Koz and our Spanish fullbacks playing with some cohesion. I understand people wanting to keep Ospina at the club due to how horrific our options have been in the past but the way I look at it every game our back five plays together is a learning experience and progress.

A kick about on Tuesday night might give them the tools they need to approach our weekend league games as a more complete and functioning unit. Also at the end of the day I honestly couldn’t give a fuck if Ospina is happy or not I want whats best for the team.

Your first paragraph, no. It was realised and pointed out by many all along.

Second one, yep.

Third one, I assume you left out the words “in a long time” because Jens when we had him was as good/not far behind what Cech is now and Seaman was world class for more than a decade.