David Ospina


What I meant was having both a quality first team GK, and more than adequate cover, as a pair.

I certainly agree that Seaman was every bit as good as Cech, and Lehman, although as mad as a hatter, was pretty good as well.

When we were winning PL titles we always had a great GK, even when Graham was manager.


Look at people praising the lad after calling him crap all of last season for one mistake.

And for him to stay as long as possible, he needs to be played.
Everyone’s reaction before the game was as such as Ospina was Almunia reincarnated.


Meh. I’m not convinced he stays because he gets to play a few cup games. We should give him more money.

I didn’t know he was playing until I tuned into the game about half an hour in so I definitely wasn’t one of those criticising the selection (although my view on sticking with your first choice goalie for all games has been often stated here, but thats nothing to do with Ospina really).


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOzil!! I mean OOOOOOOOOOOOOspinaaaa!!! Couple of great saves today, deserves a post at least.


He had another good game. He was going to make an easy save had Iwobi not About Diaby’d it up.


Impressed by his performances in the group stages. Yes he’s been a bit risky and dodgy at times lol, but overall made very important saves. Great stand-in goalkeeper to have.


Didn’t have much to do yesterday, but once again, he looked solid.


But but Wenger is so stupid to not start his best keeper last season and now.

Get out of here with Ospina being good bullshit.




“Wenger is stupid to bench Cech and play Ospina”

“Always play your best players”


Cech’s been poor this season whereas in the CL Ospina has been very good.

Ospina should be playing vs Swansea in 11 days time IMO.


I wholeheartedly believe it’s time to give him a run in the first team again.


Ospina is ready to lead us to the Champions League glory :wink:


Certainly wouldn’t hurt to give Ospina a run, I just don’t know if Wenger has enough of a reason to feel the need to change right now.


Sorry Mysty but fixed it :wink:


I didn’t think I’d be saying this but yeah it is debatable as to who is currently the better keeper.


Time to give Ospina a run, Cech has lost it somewhat and a spell on the bench might wake him up.


Concedes 5 goals and yet probably our best/ least worst player

I didn’t realise it at the time because the 2nd half was played almost exclusively down the far end of the stadium, but he pulled off enough decent saves to prevent 5-1 from being 8-1


He was good overall but still must take a fair bit of blame for the 2nd goal being in no mans land.


To be fair Gibbs should have covered and Mustafi should have jumped sooner. And general physics when moving in one direction, to suddenly having to move in the opposite.