David Ospina


Ospina is a really good GK, but I have many doubts about his body structure to be the goalkeeper of a great team. The goal scored by Lewandowski last night reminded me to the head goal scored by Bafe Gomis at The Emirates.

Isn’t a mistake committed by Ospina, but his lack of structure.

I prefer GKs with the agility and a good body structure as firsts strenght.

How many current top class GKs are under the 183cm?

Buffon, 192 cm
Neuer, 193 cm
De Gea, 189 cm
Lloris, 188 cm
Courtois, 199 cm
Oblak, 189 cm
Cech, 196 cm
Donnarumma, 196 cm
Leno, 190 cm
Handanovic, 193 cm

There aren’t many players “small” like Ospina. Casillas, Pepe Reina, Victor Valdes.

The comparison between the two structures explain why, in my opinion, if Cech will not guarantee the right performances, we must to search a new GK if Arsène or the next manager will refuse to recall Szczesny.


What the actual fuck was that pass. Fucking jesus. We are a joke.

In the bin you go David.


Haha that was embarrassing, lucky it isn’t 1-1.


Pretty obvious it was gonna happen but the times reporting Ospina wants to leave in the summer.

He’s not happy being cup keeper and wants to play more games on a regular basis.


Easy to beat a wounded animal up.


Honestly what the fuck?
I just can’t see how people can’t claim he’s better than Cech, Cech has decline there’s no way of denying that, but this guy is just one of the most inconsistent GK I’ve ever seen. In minutes he can go from a wonder-save to dropping the ball into his own net.

And his distribution is not really good.


He’s getting sold to Fenerbahce for a few million quid and consistent first team football I reckon.

Decent backup in the end but now time to clear the decks for Woj, if he even wants to come back to a Wenger-led Arsenal.


I honestly don’t want any of Cech, Ospina, Woj or Martinez as first choice next season.


I don’t know which one i would keep between Cech and Ospina. Both are not that good, but neither that shit.


Good business. Buying him, keeping him for three years and selling him now for a small increase. Can’t complain at all about him as a #2.


I have read of 7M demanded by Arsenal to sell him to the turkish club.


3 years as our backup goalkeeper and done a good job when ever called upon. Best of luck to him when he leaves.


Good luck David. Always been good for us :slight_smile:


He is probably the best second choice GK in the PL and a model professional.

He’s never let us down considering how few starts he has had for us.

Does this mean Szczesney is coming back or is Martinez going to be the new number two GK?


As long as we bring in Pickford to replace him then it’s all good.

He’s been a great professional and he’s much better than some give him credit for.

I wish him nothing but the best of luck when he leaves.


We’ll make a profit on him I think :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


He’s been a model professional. Never heard a peep from him and always done his best when called upon. Hope he finds a decent club and remains his country’s first choice keeper.

Now bring back Woj :muscle:


I wish him all the best, unless he ever plays against us in which case I wish him to score 6 own goals.


Easily forgettable for me. What I really want is a manager who plays the same keeper in the league and in the CL. Perhaps now that we aren’t automatically finding ourselves in Europe we will treat it with a little more respect.


not really bothered never really rated him that much, had a few decent matches but not that consistent. But good luck to him wherever he ends up