David Ospina


The Tanc has spoken

3.5M € is cheap as fuck lol.


I think we signed him for a similar amount if I remember correctly


Should be getting at least £7mil for him.

Regular international and is a good keeper, not quite buying that.


Can’t wait for some Reverend stories from WC Russia. :henry:


@discobot fortune Is Ospina really joining Fenerbahce?


:crystal_ball: Yes


he will be teammates with RVP


3.5M€ is way too cheap for someone who has “winning mentality”, whatever that means.


That’s too cheap for an international GK, who has PL and CL experience, and has played at the top level.
If Szcesney is 14m, Ospina must be worth at least 10m.


@discobot fortune Can @Bl1nk move this thread yet?


:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good


They say we’ve sold him to Fenerhbace for €3m.


hmmm… that means 16 or so million for our two back-up GK… we still need to get another unless we rely on Marinez… I guess GK don’t cost that much, so whatever, but that seems a bit low.


We should just keep Woj if Juve are so hot on him. Unless of course Gibbs and Woj sales are going towards our Mbappe purchase.


I think here we have the evidence of the problem of you predicting we can get 100-125m for that set of players. That was you right? Lol

I’m sure all of us would think that Ospina should be worth close to ten million and we’d all predict wed get at least 5 million quid for him, but now it seems he may well be off for about 3 million euros haha


The strange thing about Ospina going for only 3m is, we will need to replace him, and it’s going to cost us a lot more to get a GK of his quality for that sort of money.

He has more than seventy caps for Columbia and has played in the PL and CL.

How is he only worth 3m.
I would pay him more money and get him to stay here.


I think when A4TT did his predictions, he forgot one minor detail: We’re really bad sellers.

Chelsea probably would have got about £25m for Ospina.


Selling Ospina for what we paid for him is fair enough tbh, he’s nothing special and it doesn’t make a massive difference whether we get 3 million or 6 million for him.


He’s a mainstay for his national team and has a good pedigree, being sold from a so called top club for the same fee we paid for him is a joke tbh.

Look at what Chelsea did with that joker Djilobodji, sold him to Sunderland for double what they paid and he played only once for them.


Im not Ospina’s biggest fan but selling him for 3mill?

Id of said £10mill at least