David Ospina


By your own words he’s nothing to write home about and you expect him to go for the same price as someone like Cech who is considered by many as one of the greatest ever premier league keepers.

Maybe we wanted to let Ospina go where ever he wanted as he’s been professional for us or maybe we just desperately wanted him of the wage books.


Dood we are getting 30m for Woj and Gibbs…I only counted them as 10m each. I was really modest in the figures I came up with except for Jack Wilshere. I figure we could get 30m for him. At least that’s the gossip in the papers as to how much we’d fetch for him.


Fener now look to be signing Carlos Kameni instead after we put the price up.

Good. 3M was laughable


That’s good.
We might keep him.
I don’t understand the idea of selling both Szczesney and Ospina.
The only thing I can think is that Wenger will take the possible 20m we get for both and get a decent number two GK.
Going onto a season with an old GK and insufficient cover is not the way a top club should do business.


It’s a bit dodgy that he was worth the same as Jordan Pickford’s arse cheeks.


only one of them


Was a nice goal the 3rd Chelsea goal but the reality is Ospina should have kept it out, was very poor keeping.




Shwaaar it? :arteta:


alexis sounded like an f1 car


The Adventures of David Ospina, a sequel series from the writer of Manuel Almunia: Man About The Area




Fucking clown lmao



It’s Dust Bin Dave. Classic.




Namedropping at his finest. Oblak is going to be €100 million probably :grinning:.


for a GK, no fucking way, GKs generally dont go for anywhere as much as strikers etc.


Lol, you are soooo smart!! Moley said the same :joy::joy:


Yeah, that’s kinda the point.