David Ospina


Can’t agree, he’s a good backup and generally a decent - good keeper.

Can we do better? Definitely but to say he’s garbage is flat out wrong IMO.


Ospina is a solid keeper. No sense throwing money after a keeper as long as we’re playing the high line Wenger insists on playing regardless of the opposition, situation, or personnel… We need a playmaker in midfield. The only way we can win in this suicidal formation is by outscoring opponents.


Oh yes, being a DJ is far more important than being a football player. This is our mentality :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Give it a fucking rest Luca.


It was just to say how football isn’t important at Arsenal. They only care about other things.


Who gives a fuck. I’m sure if you stalked United they’d have articles where Lingard tells you how many dabs he’s done to sugababes hits.




The state of this goalkeeper



State of ospina? Yeah we need new gks for definite


Need a first choice and a back up goalie. Massive summer ahead.


Don’t be fooled by high profile errors, Ospina is fine. No need to waste money addressing our number 2


TOTALLY agree. As second choices go the guy is gold, if he’s happy I’m happy.


What about low profile errors? :grin:

Personally, i’ve never rated him, I don’t trust him at all. If it was up to me, i’d swap him and Cech around for the rest of the season. Use Ospina in the league and Cech in the EL.


If Timo Horn or a keeper with similar profile is what we are going for we should replace Ospina with that player and keep Cech around for another season. His experience and what he can teach seems invaluable for an up-and-coming keeper.


Cech won’t be leaving anyway he’s here till he retires


Yeah Ospina’s a passable #2 but for him to be that means Cech being our #1 which I’d rather not be the situation.

So yeah, he needs to finally force his way out of here.


If Cologne got relegated we would get Horn only for 5 mil.


Agree with a lot of the above - he’s not good enough to be #1 but neither will he be happy sitting on our bench for the remainder of his contract.

Sell Ospina and upgrade Cech seems to be the ideal solution here.


Wenger and Cech in a few years.

Wenger: I can’t believe they gave me a new contract.

Cech: Does that mean I’m still first choice GK.

Wenger: Of course.


If transfermarkt.com is any reliable regarding contracts Cech is at the end of his in the summer of 2019. Keeping him for one more season as number 1 and phasing a younger keeper in make the most sense to me. Unless we sign somebody who is already ready and not a bit inexperienced like Horn.

If that date is correct we gave Cech a 4-year contract btw :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.