David Ospina


Nope :wenger:


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How could we not just pay his salary down to let him go?


I am honestly 100% behind this lol


If Ospina was at Chelsea they would get 18.5m from a chinese club. Why cant we sell players ffs


We could call it ‘Sent to Coventry’ :laughing:


Use to be called the Wenger thread for ten years.


Good luck. I am gonna take a close eye on him.


This seems like a great experience for him.

Lol. Even Napoli took a bigger gamble on a young goalkeeper than we did. They apparantly paid €35 million for Alex Meret.


So why couldn’t we sell Ospina ? Is his wage also to high in our garbage socialist structure ?


I think that figure has been revised and is now being reported as €22m plus €3m in bonuses.


Thanks Wenger! Your ghost will haunt for us another decade. #nostatue


Just because we can’t lose a back up goalkeeper? It’s the new regime that decided to give everybody renewals.


Probably for a century with the giant stadium we now play at.


Arsenal would have build a new stadium with or without Wenger.


However, it is understood Napoli will pay an initial €1m (£895,000) loan fee with an option to make the deal permanent next summer for around €4m (£3.58m).

London Evening Standard.


Laughable figures, the guy is an international for Columbia, played the WC recently, and isn’t the worst GK around, but we can’t get a proper fee for him.


The same way that Bolton built a new stadium and became a yo-yo club or a much closer example of Valencia who were probably more successful than us around the early 2000s, but still haven’t been able to complete the stadium work due to poor on field performances and lack of stability at the top or look at the state of Spurs.

Wenger might have left on a sour note, but he is the single most important factor behind the stadium. If he’d have fucked off when he was at the top, we’d have been royally fucked. He kept us competitive and kept getting in the champions league money and hence we could successfully pay off a majority of the debt. Also wasn’t there a clause in the loan agreement that specified that it’d only be granted if the club could ensure that Wenger remains in charge for a number of years following the development of the stadium.


I think the likes of Dein, Fiszman and those people would have been smart enough to get the financial side sorted even if Wenger was never involved with Arsenal. Wenger has been incredibly important for Arsenal, but at the same time let’s not overreact.