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Basically none of this is correct. Dunno about the clause. Seems like bs propaganda about how important Wenger was to me.

We started building the stadium when we were a 100m or less a year operation. We’re now a 400m a year operation and that would have happened with or without Wenger.


The way we build stadia in the US the Emirates would almost be considered old and outdated at this point.


Dein cashed out as soon as the signs of money appeared, twice. Fiszman sold out to Kroenke. There was only one guy who stuck around, you know.

We are the size we today are cause of the investments that were made and at the time we made them at. If we hadn’t built the stadium them, today we’d have fallen further behind without the outside help.

I don’t know what to make of your point about the size of business. We put down 3 to 4 times our annual revenue towards stadium construction cost. If we were to commission it today, the cost would be propositional.
Scum have spent upwards of a billion and Chelsea seemingly can’t even get the project off the ground despite knowing how important it is in long term revenue generation and Liverpool completely shelved their plans to make one.

Without him being there, it would have been incredibly difficult to get the stadium up. He took up a project that no top manager today would touch with a bargepole


What investments? Yes the second part is correct but pretty unconnected to anything said up to now.

My point is pretty simple. We grew exponentially and it had nothing to do with Wenger. It’s mostly to do with TV money and commercial growth.

Thats just horseshit tbh.


You’re just answering your own questions.

The first point is about getting the stadium up at the right time. If we had waited longer, we would have fallen further behind. Chelsea and City have had to rely on outside money to be competitive whereas we haven’t had any of that and still have remained near the top. We could have easily end up being someone like Everton or if you look abroad, then the best example is the Valencia.

On the second point, all of the premier league teams got TV money, so the playing field is the same for everyone and additional money hasn’t given anyone a competitive advantage in the league. I was trying to explain the same thing earlier, the earnings to building cost ratio has largely remained the same, so if you built it 15 years ago or today, the proportion of money one would spend remains the same. It was incredibly difficult back then and remains equally difficult in today’s environment despite increased earnings to start building a stadium and you have examples all around you to see.
We’ve got better revenue streams cause we built the stadium when we did and Wenger was a huge huge part of it.

Keep saying that to yourself while you find me a name (even hypothetically) who’d agree not to spend any money on players, rely on youngsters and sell his best players year after year to finance a project that’d have no impact on his CV. All this after he’d won 3 league titles (one of them unbeaten), 4 cups and made a champions league final.


I think building the stadium, when we built it, was exactly the right thing to do. So I’ve no idea why you’re talking about that to me, I never said we shouldn’t have done it. Ever.

But I will always, always disagree with the notion that we couldn’t have done it without Wenger. I’m not gonna list names so you can start bullshitting about why I’m wrong. Managers work in the conditions they are given. If Wenger had walked in 2005/6 I have full confidence that David Dein would have found an adequate replacement.


Spurs started trying to build their stadium 10 years ago. Yet I haven’t heard any of them credit the work Redknapp did to make it all possible.

If they managed to get it done with zero on pitch success, I’m sure we’d have found a way to manage too.


That’s because you won’t find a top manager willing to sacrifice on field success to help the club build better infrastructure and secure long term financial health.

Not sure what replacement Dein would have found when he himself was busy trying to wiggle out of the club and while his son was trying to sell our best players.

Spurs have taken 10 years and it has been in shambles. This year they’ve had 0 transfers incoming and if they don’t get owners money in the transfer market, it’d be incredibly difficult for them to get any where close to field success for the next 10 years. Apart from Juventus and maybe Benfica, most teams who have built new stadiums have fallen much further behind due to the financial restrains that come with it. If we wouldn’t have had Wenger in his best years managing to get us regularly in the champions league and finishing near the top with extreme prudence, today we’d be comfortably be sitting mid-table.

Wenger was indeed past it in the last 2-3 seasons, but to deny his importance in where we stand today in terms of infrastructure and not acknowledge his role in successfully navigating the last decade with shackles on is absolutely ridiculous.


It appears the Wenger cult will be maintained if not grow larger in the coming years.


It’ll always exist as long as there are people who are not willing to let the last 3 years cloud what they’ve seen in the 19 preceding them.


Respect and admiration have evolved in a proper cult movement though.


Yea he had a role, a massively important one. Could we have done it without him? Yep. Is there any point in continuing this discussion? Nope.


Hope your not promoting the last 3 years as a fact. Plenty of argument to say he was past it before that.