David Ospina


Two mil.
Yea grand, cheers. David go with these friendly gentlemen.


Turkey is beautiful in the winter months I hear.



Top work Elec, you’ve been on top of things this window.



Hurry the fuck up


gotta be the longest running saga for a relatively poor player i have ever seen. Almost feels like the last fucking 6 transfer periods we have had clubs looking at buying this guy.


Aray behnchode salaya why’s it so fucking hard for a fucking permanent deal for these bums we have?!?!?!?!?!

Sobs uncontrollably in frustration


We are so woeful man.

How are we struggling to offload a bona fide international.



That reminds me


no one wants our shit, cant even give these fuckers away thanks wenger you absolute twonk.


Is his contract up next summer?


probably contracted up until 2023 knowing our luck


Nah you know how we do, it’s up in 2020.


Lol ffs :joy: Napoli have just took him for cover then since their #1 broke his arm




cant believe how much dross we cannot shift even for nothing, wenger has truly fucked this club with his shit wage structure it is gonna take many years for this fucking mess to get sorted out.


Lol, fucking hell a loan deal.

@Electrifying These fucking pehn di lunds couldn’t sell a fanny in a brothel :facepalm:


What a joke.

Please tell me his contract expires this summer


God this club is so frustrating