Daniel Ek

Maybe, but I think he’ll go the Ekstra mile for us


Yeah I wasn’t arguing that, just that by necessity they are reliant on that tier of management below them for all the actual content expertise, so if they f*ck up that hire, they are kind of screwed.

We know about as much as his plan as we do the Kroenke plan. The Kroenke plan is corner cutting. Hire a cheap manager who ya think is gonna be good cuz he was hanging around Pep for a few years. Fire the entire scouting department and have Edu just buy doods on deals from his agent friends, more corner cutting. Join a euro super league instead of build a competitive team cuz it’s too hardzzzz.

Ek on the other hand, well yeh we don’t know much about what he wants to do except for try to bring a respectable aspect back to this club and put some ppl in place who represent the values of the club but aren’t slouches on the competitive side either. Bergkamp and Henry returning is a better plan than anything I’ve seen from Kroenke over the past 10 years.


You’ve expanded on my point nicely. Thank you.

Papa Wenger coming home…


Someone get @BigWeng_4LYFE some tissues


It’s coming home, it’s coming home, Wenger’s coming home


Bergkamp and Henry = Arteta and Edu

If Ek isn’t going to invest major money it’s just going to be the same as life under KSE but with token “fan engagement”. Throw shit against a wall and struggle to compete until you hit on a successful coach

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They’re at least legends though. Bergkamp has been assistant manager at Ajax and part of that Ajax system that arguably birthed modern football. Wenger absolutely should be on the board because we need football people on the board to steer the direction of the club.

Ek as a self made business entreprenaur and a fan is likely to manage us better than Kroenke and is likely to be more hands on. He’ll likely find more revenue streams.


Bergkamp is also currently out of work and has been for while, I think his family is a priority for him right now.

Why should Wenger be on the board? What value does he bring to the role when we know his ideas on football generally are outdated? Saw enough in his final years as manager to know I don’t when him anywhere near executive decision making positions.

How? Fact that he’s a fan is pretty meaningless it doesn’t make you more capable of running a club, same applies to good business people too. What revenue streams aren’t Arsenal exploring right now that he would?

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I highly doubt that considering Henry has sounded off about how shit our squad is, and he’s just as upset as us to see a dood like Xhaka as a fixture of the team. Arteta seems completely happy with Xhaka, he’s the foreheads most important player lmaoooo. So like I said earlier that’s more than enough to convince me Henry is better suited for the job, and a massive improvement over what we’ve got now.


They’re both shit coaches who shouldn’t be anywhere near this club

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If Wenger is involved I feel pretty chill with it.

Would be better than this


You would only want to see new ownership if that means that they will invest major money? We’ve been a steerless ship with the Kroenke’s. I don’t see why we should continue with them as owners (obviously we probably have no choice but for the sake of the argument). Again the actual roles of Vieira, Berggamp and Henry we don’t know nothing about, yet.

Unless you believe that the Kroenke’s are going to change up? I don’t see that happening on the short term, at all.

I don’t view KSE as universally bad (unpopular opinion), I like their stand back approach and don’t like overly involved owners. IF Arteta pulls off an EL win it’s very easy to make a case the last couple of seasons have been moderately successful with plenty of silverware. Sure KSE can and should give fans more token gestures whatever

I’m not really interested in ownership instability, I don’t see how if it benefits the club if massive spending doesn’t follow.

If Stan started coming to every game and taking advice from the likes of Henry and Wenger, would that make you happy?

Again the actual roles of Vieira, Berggamp and Henry we don’t know nothing about, yet.

When have any of these guys supported other interested Parties? etc Dagnote or Usmanov? What is it about Ek that has compelled them to support his bid publicly?

Henry and Vieira are strategic minded individuals, I think they want Ek in because they’ll have the ear of the owner or official positions within the club. These guys have never been shy about managing Arsenal.

Not a big fan of his but Ian Wright seem more genuine in wanting KSE out for the same reasons many fans do

I’m not entirely sure I want Wenger to have too much influence in that case. Probably made up ITK bs though.


All sounds like click bait horseshit, next article will probably say that Gunnersaurus is joining the fold.


You don’t view KSE as universally bad and you’re not a huge fan of Ian Wright? Those takes are so hot my phone melted.


Not really a hot take is it? He’s just not my cup of tea as a pundit and I think he makes alot of stupid points that appeals to pushun knuckleheads types.

I find it quite easy to separate his contributions for the club from his post playing career.