Dani Ceballos

I saw a documentary like 15/16 years ago on Sky about Brian Clough that touches on that point. Clough had some guy who was not only an assistant but a sort of co-tactician. They started off together and went all the way to the top, At some point after the Champions cup wins they separated and the assistant flopped, despite being seen as the “tactician” off the duo. It’s something that has always stuck with me and you saying that just reminded me.

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I think it’s possible he has some good tactical coaching skills. But I still haven’t forgiven him for:

1 playing Willian so often

2 starting Auba out of position so many times especially when Laca started too and then the team looking all unbalanced

3 losing a goalkeeper who played his style of football and keeping Leno instead who’s a fish out of water in that style instead and who now wants to leave because of it

4 playing Xhaka at left back when Tierney was injured

5 taking until after Christmas to start giving Pepe the game time he needed

6 those Villarreal performances

7 taking us to 8th place in the league

8 the tactics he used in his most recent games against Liverpool and Man City where we never looked in it

9 failing to motivate Auba to find his form again

10 going out the FA cup against Southampton

11 producing the lowest scoring Arsenal team in years

12 having action man hair.

Apart from that he’s great.


I think Arteta is just as likely to be a nothing coach than a good one. All we have is people’s word and it sure doesn’t match up with what I’m seeing.


That’s Peter Taylor. He had the eye for talent and scouted most of the players that featured in their successful sides. I think he was also a close friend to Clough, and someone who balanced him out and tempered some of his worst traits. So not just the guy who scouted the players, but very much his number 2. Not sure if he was much of a coach, as in I genuinely can’t remember.

You should read The Damned United, if you can be arsed. If not then just watch the film, which is also excellent.


Maybe Arteta and ole should do a fusion dance then. Maybe then we’ll have one half decent manager

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What a legend Cloughie was .
It’s a sure fact he would have got this shower of shit playing like demons

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Action speaks louder than words.

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It would be very interesting to see. Certainly at his best Clough was a great motivator and very canny operator

I wonder if his motivational style would work so well with the extremely highly paid modern day footballer who doesn’t like to be told off very much.

Certainly Ferguson seemed to span the generations well so maybe Clough would’ve done too.


Last season is not something a very coach produces
, why does he continue to get the benefit of the doubt?

Having ideas doesn’t make you a good coach, putting them in practice, having solutions, being flexible, extracting the utmost and improving one’s players does. I’ve seen close to nothing of this to date and yet he’s supposedly a very good coach?



Great coaches don’t finish mid table behind West Ham and just ahead of promoted clubs.
Cellabos is being sarcastic or he’s on the payroll of Arteta’s massive PR company.

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Ceballos was asked about an ex colleague and he put in a good word for him, like many of us would if we didn’t have personal issues with the said person, so that one of the best quote is pure BS.