Crystal Palace


Religion is big in football as many players have prayer rituals like our own Ozil, people have read too much into his statement


The only shred of credible evidence pointing towards the merest possibility of the existence of any kind of higher being, or God if you want, is Dennis Bergkamp. That one keeps me awake.


Carlton Cole couldn’t even score for Persib Bandung and Sacramento Republic! :rofl:


The off topic discussion above is the greatest. :joy:

I thought those were gonna be made up. :grin:


Fair play :joy::joy:


Because allegedly someone couldnt get a room is why where in this situation.



Great news for the club


Nice. That’ll look good in the Championship :grin:

I like some of the replies to that tweet, such as:


:rofl: straight out of the Wenger guidebook


Any news about Zaha? If we din’t get Mahrez or Malcom, we should go for him.


Some serious shit going down with Palace…

I think there will be more with this as it is unusual to say the very least…


Where’s Wilshere going to go?




Far far away with his head up in the clouds…


Queens Park Rangers more likely.
Wilshere in the West End, what a combination :grinning:


In their accounting department? He’s proven good with counting and they obviously aren’t.




but maybe he can only count to double digits, for accounting he might have to count into the hundreds of millons


Maybe we should wait till they go bust and pick up zaha on a free