Crystal Palace


Feel sorry for them if it happened. Their comeback to stay up has been a sort of miracle.


Just read that villa could recieve a wind up order aswell due to missing a tax payment. All this money in the game an they Carnt find good accounted


they massively overspent to stay in the epl cash cow, hope that chavski and mancity go the same way eventually.





Smart move by Zaha. Get paid and be the main man in the team.


Feels like it’s one of those Coutinho/Suarez extensions to placate the player in the short term by giving him more money but when the right offer comes in they’re off.


LOL! Owned! :smile:


Hopefully they are getting relegated soon. Fed up with these wee teams who think to be bigger that what they are. Cunts!


Tbf they did seem very Bolton-like today.


That’s what i meant. The likes of Bolton, Blackburn and Stoke have been our nightmares in the PL.


Lol calm down Luca. You can’t just relegate a team because they don’t roll over for you. They deserved a point today, we just weren’t good enough.

I quite like Palace. Think they have some decent players and Roy is a diamond geezer :smile:


Yes, i want this. They have destroyed our beautiful run because you know they are gonna lose against another big team.


The common pattern you’ve picked up on there Luca is that these same bastard teams never play well on our turf.

The last time Blackburn beat us at home in the league was when they were good and played good football. Bolton haven’t beaten us at home in EPL days, neither have Stoke. Palace haven’t and I doubt they ever will if they only mustered 3 shots on target as the home team today. Last week proved they can’t play away from home

It’s like when they’re at home, it’s the great leveller.


Palace worthy of a point today, even though we led in the latter stages of the game we were lucky to be ahead and never really in control if we are being honest.


Pisses me off they treat our game like the World Cup Champions League US Open Wimbledon Final. Then will go on to lose 4-0 next week.


I take it as a compliment. Every team wanted to stop our win record.

It’s better than last season where everyone saw us as easy points and teams like Brighton saying we could tell standing in the tunnel we would win.


That’s the reason why they should get relegated.


I was really surprised by that atmosphere. Not many like that any more that comes through the TV with that level of anxiety and aggression.




There will always be stupid people in the world, unfortunately in this day and age we have more stupid people than ever because the Internet has given them a platform to act out their stupid in the public eye