Crystal Palace


Started the season poorly but with Benteke and Remy upfront they should start to do better as not many teams at Palace’s level in the league have as good strikers as they do now. Could easily finish top 10 IMO


The problem is Pardew. He always starts well, then he collapses.


Remy and Benteke could be a decent strike force for them, 2 great players but only for the smaller teams


Pardew sacked.


Hello Sam Allardyce.


[quote=“Burgundy, post:4, topic:610”]
Pardew sacked.
[/quote]That’ll make this man’s Christmas


Big shame - I like the way Pardew set up his teams


He won 6 games in 2016.


They’ll probably get a shiny new manager in just in time for our game next week. Good times.


Yep knew it. Was obvious for months when they sacked Pardew they would get Big Sam in.


I have admit I did feel happy for him when they avoided relegation in that match, but I did find it hilarious how they managed to fuck it up the next season.


Not surprised. Pardew always starts well, then he fades away.


4 years into his 8 year contract at Newcastle. :joy:


big sam installed just in time to kick us up the arse on jan 1st


I think Big Sam is one of those managers Wenger does not have a problem beating :wink:.


Some rather damning stats, little wonder he had to go.

A points per game tally of 0.72 was the second worst in a calendar year in their history (beaten only by 0.71 in 1973, when teams received two points for a win)

Their form for the year is the worst of all 92 Premier League and EFL clubs

A total of six Premier League wins is the second worst total over one calendar year in the competition’s history

Palace conceded 67 goals (1.86 per game) in 2016, the third worst total over one year in Premier League history


Absolutely hideous form in the league in 2016 and he paid the Price for it.


Let’s just hope they get an English manager in to sort them out.


Was thinking about it. He is gonna make them so fired up next sunday.