Crystal Palace



Allardyce is synonymous with the words, “he’ll save you from relegation.”
He has achieved nothing else in football.

He has never won anything, plays boring football and is famous for saying, “Arsenal don’t like getting roughed up,” after beating us when he was Bolton manager.

How this dinosaur, is still getting jobs in the PL is unbelievable.
I suppose it shows the level of Crystal Palace’s ambition.

It seems as if managers like Allardyce, Pulis, Pardew, Redknapp, Hughes, Bruce, etc, just follow each other round in an endless merry go round of jobs, without winning anything, and most of them not even playing decent football.


Palace and Allardyce. Shit club, shit manager. Match made in heaven those two.


They do exactly what they are tasked to do/given the resources to do. Theres no point in them developing philosophies etc because as soon things go a little wrong they will get the boot.


Pulis does have a pretty clear philosophy though, no? WBA seem to be doing pretty much exactly what Stoke and Crystal Palace were doing when he was there.

Allardyce is at least someone who has been using stats before most people were doing that. Pretty much guaranteed to save you from relegation too. Hardly the most extreme example of a “dinosaur” out there. I’m sure he’ll do a good job for them now.

But yes, these clubs have plenty of money and of course they could do better. Instead of overpaying for players, they should spend more money on improving the clubs in other aspects (analytics, scouting, staff etc).


is disgusting to see this poor man connected with a club of the best league in the World


Hes managed six of them now, you think you’d be used to it at this stage.


How much money has Pardiola received from his contracts getting terminated early ? :joy:


Circa £4.5mil if reports are to be believed.

Not bad for a total crock of shit eh?


It’s funny that there seems to be no outrage at him getting a job. I thought it would definitely be a “how can they hire this corrupt monster” but instead it’s all “why Allardyce is perfect for Crystal Palace” :thinking:


Reactions by the media would be different if he was a foreign manager IMO.


Could be they’re as fucking bent as he is.


Alladyce is just a symptom of the game not the cause. FA, Premier League and the press all have big money interests in football.
Nobody wants that can of worms opened so best say nothing.
Football and morality no chance.


Pardew, Allardyce. Who’s next, Steve McLaren? :wenger:


Allardayce shouldn’t manage anymore, tbf. He has really tarnished his reputation with that story.


Scenes. :joy:


Bit unexpected


Back to Sunderland maybe.


No, he’s a Prem survival specialist.


Probably just threw his toys out of the pram because Palace failed to land Defoe!