Crystal Palace


Maybe it’s just a cunt of a job. Pulis did the same…albeit after he stroked a million quid off them.


Think he knows he has just become a short-term manager by now. Can’t last for a whole season.


This means palace are winning the league right?

You change your manager, you win. Fact, err, kinda. :smile:


Big Sam will probably be back at a random premiership club struggling next season when they sack their current manager


Sam Allardyce has announced his retirement from football.


Back next season to save another Premier League team.


Lies. He’ll be in the Chinese Super League before the year is out.


This is the right time for me. I have no ambitions to take another job, I simply want to be able to enjoy all the things you cannot really enjoy with the 24/7 demands of managing any football club, let alone one in the Premier League.

Read the article before posting Luca :wink:


Not gonna pretend I’ll miss Sam Allerdyce teams in the PL but I do hope he has an enjoyable retirement.


If he wanted to retire then I can see why he took the England job, nowhere near as demanding and constant as a premiership club


Redknapp is back.

Football is an addiction for these men, I don’t for one minute think we’ve seen the last of him :laughing: Less than a year out on holiday before he gets bored


Finally. His win over Wenger will set him for life.


He beat Wenger a fair few times in the Saturday evening kick off at the Reebok years ago, you may be a little young to remember though.


Nicolas Anelka golazoo :disappointed:

fucking hating playing Bolton away when he was there


Stelios diving headers


Kevin Nolan


I’m aware he won a couple of games at Bolton but this is ancient now. His win over Wenger this season was before 3-4-2-1 so it doesn’t count :slight_smile:


Kevin fucking Davies


From a palace point of view their unlikely to upgrade on Sam to me. They were a bit knee jerk on Pardew.
Dont fancy their chances on improving on them 2. Difficult season lies ahead for them.


Lol fuck yeah, the two Klopp wins as well before our 3 at the back change don’t count either. Feel like I’ve heard this argument before?? :grin: