Crystal Palace


Sitting on the fence with Wenger In/Wenger Out but he deserves much more respect because Sam won very few games against him, but people will mention the odd win a decade ago and not the dominance over his teams.


That’s ok we will always have the one Wenger win over Mourinho to bring up instead of the years of dominance :grin:


Tbf it is to be expected that Wenger has dominance over the teams Allardyce managed.


Allerdyce was the first “lesser” manager to rumble Wenger teams on a regular basis and provided the template that others have followed for more than a decade now. We still win more of those type of games than we lose but the same weaknesses Allerdyce exposed back then are still around now.


I wouldnt call GET IN YER FACE a masterful tactic to be honest. We just used to get kicked off the park and refs would turn a blind eye most of the time because were the only team who played in a more European fashion. The amount of times Davies got away with elbowing was disgusting.


Was it Allardyce who said that our players don’t like being “roughed up” after Bolton beat us?
I think it was after that when a few other teams started using the same tactics, including Man U.
Allardyce thinks he is hard done by because he was never considered for any of the top clubs.
There is a very good reason for this, he plays boring football, and he has never come close to winning anything.
His arrogance and stupidity were shown up when he was caught out while he was England manager.
I don’t agree with the despicable way the scum journalist tricked him, but he still should have known better.


I don’t think anyone would/did. Effective though.


Ouch, could be an early exit for Frank the Farmer.


would be embarrassing id they sacked him after 3 games


I agree.
Every manager should be given time to get used to the PL but if they are in a relegation fight after twenty or so games then they might not have a choice.


yeah exactly this, he may have lost his first 3 games but there are still 35 games left to play


By hiring him they would have known that he intends to change the playing style and philosophy of the club, sacking him after three games when they would have agreed to his proposed changes is short-termism to the extreme.


^ This. On any team, I like to leave it til eight ot ten games in before making any sort of judgement.


Absolute shambles at Palace. How can they be sure that FDB isn’t the right man for the job after just 4 games? I can’t think of a way they could have handled this any worse.


Sacked after 4 games is ridiculous. If you want a change of style you need to give the manager time. Classic premiership ownership, they want it all now.


Fucking Bellends.


Fucking ridiculous. Crystal Palace needed a total revamp of the way they played football, doesn’t happen overnight.

Hope they get relegated.


Yeah, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can’t expect the entire culture of a football club to change in just 4 games!

And apparently now, they’re going back to the stone ages and hiring Hodgson. They have no clue what they’re doing!


It’s too early to sack someone so radically trying to overhaul the style of play, it was always unlikely that they’d see results early on

When they gave him the job they must have discussed all the changes he wanted to make, his vision and the club’s must have been in harmony. So you’ve got to fucking commit to that and give it time.

My Palace supporting mate told me that in the last match they had something like 24 shots to 4 and 80% possession. Dann missing a sitter. It sounds like there were possible signs of life


Hodgson it is then

Clubs like Palace will absolutely never progress (even though De Boer probably wouldn’t have been the final jigsaw piece). Premier league teams can have all the money in the world but the infrastructure and mentality is severely lacking at a lot of clubs here