Crystal Palace


You sack a bloke after 4 games and replace him with a manager who gets England their worse result in modern day football. Fucking lunatics in charge of the asylum.


Paul Konchesky will be a palace player before too long then.


Lol! From bad to worse.


Crap on palace really they hired de Boer so they can have a new philosophy in the way they play but he has only played 6games he needed time for the team to get use to the way he wanted to play and it’s not like palace have been that bad they were unlucky yesterday not to score and win the game with the amount off chances they had


I don’t think it would have got much better for Palace under De Boer, they don’t have the right personnel. Bad match from the start without investment.


Palace bosses are being to reactionary.


Yeah it was a terrible fit from the off, he should have waited for a more suitable team because Palace were never going to spend money and are clearly trigger happy when it comes to sacking managers.

With that said there were clear signs of improvement as they were the better team yesterday and deserved to win, dominated possession, more chances and were a missed header away from a point.

If Roy Hodgson is the answer, what’s the question?


Ridiculous to sack him after just 4 games!

How can anyone be judged after such a short time?

I never saw the game yesterday but from what ive heard they should of won easily


In 6 months time they’ll sack the hapless Hodgson (albeit this is more his level) and it will be firefighter Allardyce back in again to save the day. :laughing:

I don’t feel too sorry for de Boer given the financial compensation coming his way, but I mean reputation-wise nobody wants to get dumped twice in a row like that




if i had a choice of de Boer and Hodgson i know who i would pick, why in the hell would you sack de boer and then appoint hodgson…utter dunces!!


They almost deserve relegation now.

It’s almost signed, sealed and delivered with Woy in charge.


Who is the oldest manager in the PL?


Thats probably wenger lol.

Question might be who looks like an owl :arteta:


To be fair to Palace, the squad as a whole is decent. There’s just this huge problem in that it doesn’t fit de Boer’s tactical needs at all. This is something every single football club needs to be aware of when making new managerial hires.


Woy looks like an owl and Wenger looks like an eagle.


Simple case of Managers tactics dont fit the players at hand. Moreover, the concequences of getting relegated from a rich league as the Prem may not be worth risking a long overhaul which De Boer required. Reckon the club made a massive u-turn when they suddenly realised the change wont happen overnight.


Tbf the teams they have played and lost has compounded the decision imo. Been their 2 months and maybe it just doesnt feel right. My biggest issue though is the replacement. Cant see that being a positive move at all.


Can’t wait for when he has Benteke taking corners :mustafi: