Crystal Palace


Surprise surprise! Hodgson was born in Croydon and Palace are from Croydon :thinking:


Lost a lot of respect for Parish over this fiasco.

Hope Roy does well, Palace is his level and the team is set up well for him


Hasn’t Frank de Boer a pretty checkered managerial career? I think maybe the idea was ok (move to a more uniform philosophy/style of football), but probably not the choice of manager.


I don’t know if I’d call it checkered.

Got World Cup runners up as the Dutch assistant manager in 2010 against the best ever Spanish team (and one of the best in the history of football) the world has ever seen and then went on to win the Eredivisie four times with Ajax.

OK fair enough, it was with Ajax but still. You can only beat the opponents you face and win the league that you’re playing in.

He didn’t last long at Inter, possibly for the same reason as at Palace and to be fair Inter seems to have been a bit of a poisoned chalice ever since Mourinho left and took all their success with him. Don’t think too many manages have really impressed at Inter, so I wouldn’t put all that on De Boer. Since 2010-11 they’ve finished 6th, 9th, 5th, 8th, 4th, and 7th.

And now here we are again with Palace who are very trigger happy and where the general consensus seems to be he’s been unfairly treated.


True, he did win 4 straight at Ajax, so it’s a bit harsh to call it checkered…clearly the way he went out at Ajax was weighing more heavily on my mind when I made that choice of words.


I honestly just think he’s been bad at picking teams to go to.

Palace and Inter have both been more or less fucked for ages with issues that are systemic and more than the managers fault from what I can see. He’d actually have been better off going to clubs that were in better shape and better set up to playing his style of football and picking up from there rather than teams who are in a bit of a crisis.

It’s a shame because this will probably have done and fair bit of reputational damage to him and I wouldn’t really blame it on him. I remember a lot of people were saying they wanted De Boer at Arsenal when he was about to leave Ajax due to their success and the nice football they played. He’d probably get our players back to playing some decent stuff.


Lol why the Hodgson hate? He won’t take them to dizzying heights but he can steady a suffering club. And Palace is definitely his level and I’d back him to get good form out of the Townsends and Zahas.

I’ve no idea why the fuck they gave FDB a mandate of try and play football then never signed any offensive players for him. I’ve no idea how good Riedeweld is on the ball but Sakho isn’t exactly known as a ball player. By all accounts Palace were unlucky against Burnley. If it was 10 games in then you might say better to stop the rot early, fuck even 7 games in but 4? Jesus.




I guess doctors just prayed by his bed.


In private he could’ve thanked the doctors, nothing wrong with his religion


I do wonder where his God was when he had the life changing accident… never understood the logic of thanking God for saving you from a situation he presumably had the power to stop in the first place.

But whatever works for him, I wouldn’t point this out to a person praising God for saving them because it’s harmless and that would make me a bit of an arsehole, but I’ve got no problem questioning the thought process here lol


You don’t understand. God tested him and helped him grow and become a better, stronger and more resilient person. God is his teacher and tutor, his light and his path. You have to be thankful too, after all, if it wasn’t for God, you wouldn’t exist. Shame on you.


A lot of people on that post have been commenting that he should be thanking the air ambulance. But I’m sure he would have done that. Many people - even those who don’t necessarily belive in anything - will have a moment where they pray or thank God. Doing that doesn’t mean he is dismissing the help of others.


I am being petty I know.
He must have thanked them personally and did something nice for them in private.

I just cringe a bit when the entire credit goes to God.


No but the point is probably that the people who deserve and would appreciate being publicly thanked would be the emergency and medical staff, and not God, who being omniscient already knows how grateful you are.

However if he did thank the people who actually saved his life in private (which I’m sure he did) then it clearly isn’t a big issue and this is just people needlessly picking holes in what should really be a feel good story.


Maybe he’s thanking God for putting the doctors in place to save his life? I wouldn’t read too much into a statement like that tbh.


I thank God everyday but that’s just me. I’m not staunchly religious but I believe wholeheartedly in God.

But I don’t do theological debating lol.


Best not to, if you believe in God. :wink:


Slow day at work or something?


Just as hard to disprove that god doesn’t exist.