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The absence of 100% proof against something, that is by nature beyond our proving, is not a good argument for its existence.

It’s impossible to prove that Javorkabawn–a God I just made up–doesn’t exist, but you won’t see me arguing for his/her existence.

When we believe that something exists, we should have reasons for it. I believe sharks exist because I’ve seen them, and so has everyone else I know, and civilisation has documented for a long time sharks existence with actual proofs, things like, shark skeletons, or actual bites on humans from sharks, etc. The burden is not on me to disprove that something that there are very few good reasons to believe in exists, but on you to prove why something there are very few good reasons to believe in exists.


If it starts raining now you can’t prove that it will never ever stop raining ever agian until it actually does, That does not mean that the chance of it never stoping raining ever again are 50/50 does it lol




I didn’t think I would have a theological discussion on a Crystal Palace thread.
But I’m always amazed that there are around five hundred different religions and most people think the one they were brought up with is the only one that’s true.
Which means all the others are wrong.
I just happen to believe they are all wrong.


Not believing in God is just as evil as having gay sex. You are going to burn for an eternity in the depths of hell reserved just for paella boys like yourself.


Tru dat, but it’s not as nasty. I can not believe in God all I want and feel totally clean whereas the only time to have nasty gay sex is when g4e comes over and we can do the dirty and then wallow in our self-loathing afterwards and tell eachother what nasty, unholy sluts we are.

edit: nah, I didn’t write any of this, that was g4e…err, I mean, my girlfriend. Fucking liberal leftist. God exists and non-believers and gaysexers alike are going to burn in hell. All hail the pope, even if he’s a fucking Argentine, and time for my hail marys.


Checkmate atheists


Gay sex is evil? What about pegging? Is that evil? Asking for a friend.


It’s funny because when you use this argument with Christians or Muslims etc. and refer to Horus, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Shinto gods etc. it all of a sudden doesn’t hold as much water. Apparently they’re just “mythology”.


Think it was Hitchens who made the point that monotheists also don’t believe in hundreds of Gods, atheists simply go one further.


Can I suggest that ye all get a room (i.e. a new thread I can promptly stick on ignore) if ye want to continue this discussion. :slight_smile:


Love OA when you see 20 + posts in a thread thinking it’s gonna be about the title of the thread then when you go into it its just a massive off topic debate… :joy:


Make the reservation for me, I’m a very busy man.


Your hardman act is so sexy sham :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:




Style? Way of being?


You’re a pussycat really


I was trying to imply that it’s not an act and I’m really a proper hard bastard. But I guess that didn’t come across. :joy:


pretty sure Sham isn’t arguing semantics. :smile:

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Oh it did, I know you’re a true hardman, that’s why I offered a couple of alternatives in style and way of being that would do more justice to your true hardmanality.