Cristiano Ronaldo 💩

Madrid won it back to back mate. That’s a massive achievement. It’s the first team to do it since Milan in 1989 and 1990.

Nobody disputes that dude, but to rave about him saying “you never know what can happen” in the CL…

The vast majority of players will believe the same thing. It doesn’t make him stand out lol, but Ronaldo’s propagandists will shout it from the hilltops like it’s something so special so amaze.

Just like showing clips of him chasing down a lost cause is evidence that he’s still the best player in the league or something. Laughable


Not sure if you remember that season but Madrid were really poor that season and everyone discarded them from the conversation by December/January. Yet they managed to make history by winning the Champions League back to back.
That why "you never know what can happen”.

Totally see what you’re saying. Every fucking thing he does is plastered over social media as evidence of his greatness. This isn’t to say he isn’t great, he clearly is, but not every fucking thing he does needs to be used to support this.

Recently some fucking goon like Fred was like “we stopped eating pudding after training since Cristiano came here”

Wenger got people eating right in 1996, this isn’t fucking impressive in 2022. Also, they shouldn’t need Ronaldo to intimidate them into not eating pudding. Either it’s not OK to eat pudding, in which case why is it being served in the first place? Or it is OK for a top level athlete to eat the occasional pudding, in which case, tell Ronaldo to fuck off and enjoy your school dinner style choccy sponge cake with choccy custard, you fucking cowards.


And you just know those players aren’t eating pudding to keep up appearances. They’re definitely ordering an apple pie as soon as they depart from the training ground.


Ronaldo can fuck off with his healthy eating regime the real :goat: won a world cup single handed off his tits


Luke Shaw is clearly eating pudding


Think it says it all that they’ve gone from winning PL titles and CL’s to Ronaldo garnering praise for saying nothing less than top three is acceptable which is essentially him saying 3rd because there’s no chance they finish 2nd.

They use to talk so much shit about us being all about 3rd or 4th spot, now look where they are. At this rate can easily see another decade without the title for them, they’re lightyears away.


I mean he did start by saying top but as much as you want to be a winner, that’s completely unrealistic for anyone bar City/Pool right now.

Also not sure why we got a shit emoji in the thread title for one of the greatest players of our generation lol.

Fuck you man, hadn’t thought about that choccy sponge with choccy sauce in years but now…CRAVING.

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I more remember a chocolate concrete dessert at primary school, with pink custard. We used to call it chocolate brick wall.

Mainly to russle some jimmies. :slight_smile:


Consider me rustled


Warra fucking player. :sob:

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The only player to have scored a hattrick :grin:

Did against Atleti and Barca too. The guy is insane.
Said it, delivered.



Ronaldo and Tom Brady are cut from the same cloth. All players are competitors at top level but they’re just absolute psychopaths.


I wonder who the others are. Wouldn’t be surprised if Phil Jones was one. :rofl:

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